LIttle Bitty Lies


Mary Kay Andrews

Rating 3
Reading Round the Genre’s – Chick Lit

In a suburban Atlanta neighborhood where divorce is as rampant as kudzu, Mary Bliss McGowan doesn’t notice that her own marriage is in trouble until the summer night she finds a note from her husband, Parker, telling her he’s gone — and has taken the family fortune with him.
Stunned and humiliated, a desperate Mary Bliss, left behind with her seventeen-year-old daughter, Erin, and a mountain of debt, decides to salvage what’s left of her life by telling one little bitty lie … that starts to snowball until Parker turns up dead. Or does he?

REVIEW: I saw a book cover of hers while I was at Costco and so I thought that I would give her a try. For me this book was only okay. In fact it was so only ok that I skimmed it, as the story just didn’t grab me. However I will follow my three book rule and keep reading her. I hope that the next book is better, of course it could just be that I wasn’t in the mood for this kind of book when I read it. So if you like her keep on reading her, if you have never read her go ahead and give her a try. I am.


  1. Shiroibara

    What is your three book rule?

  2. Heather's Books

    My three book rule is that I have to read three books by that author before I never read them again.

    Sometimes the author just has an off book, but their other books are good and even great. So I never judge an author on one book.

  3. Shiroibara

    Sounds like a great rule, but what if you can’t even make it through one of their books? Do you slog through it as well as two more or just set aside the one and pick up another?
    Also, what if they’ve only written one or two books?

  4. Heather's Books

    I still have to read three books. Sometimes the first and/or second book is only okay but the rest of their books are amazing. Also you can never judge an author off their first book.


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