My search for The Ghost part 1

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Sunday Snippet for a special post today. If you’re a fan of this site then you know Heather is a HUGE fan of Nalini Singh’s and her Psy/Changeling Series is like crack for her. So that being said for the last couple of weeks Heather has been combing the books looking for all clues as to the identity of who The Ghost is and who Kaleb has been searching for.

She’d planned to post her findings just before the book came out but with Nalini now posting the first two chapters tomorrow she decided to post the first part of her findings today.

Today’s findings will center around Kaleb the mystery of who he is searching for.  In the off chance I’ve missed something in these books no worries in part 2 I’ll post those.

Visions of Heat ~

Faith talking to Vaughn about her family and her missing cousin lead me to believe the person Kaleb is searching for is Faith’s cousin. But more on that later….

“Or perhaps worse, given your value. Any strange disappearances in your family tree?”

“My grandmother was last seen shortly after she gave birth to my father. And five years ago, one of my cousins vanished—Sahara was only sixteen.” She let herself think about what that might mean. “You think the Council or the PsyClan might be keeping them captive,

“But unlike my aunt, the ones who saw the dark visions could never be allowed to speak to the rest of us. It would bring the success of the entire Protocol into question. They’d have to be locked away, caged before they fell victim to the mental degradation.”

Faith began to see the true inhumanity of what it was these changelings were asking her to accept. “Caged Psy can still forecast. In fact, they’d be the perfect tools—machines no one knew existed, their treatment subject to no laws. And if certain other segments of conditioning were deliberately broken, it would leave them open to everything . . . including visions of plots or rebellions that might come in very useful to those in power.”

At the time of this book Kaleb was twenty-six turning twenty-seven

Kaleb has climbed extremely high in the ranks at a very young age—he’s about to turn twenty-seven. He’s highly competent at reading and initiating power plays.

Kaleb Krychek had led an interesting life. An unexpected Tk cardinal born of two low-Gradient Tp-Psy, he’d been raised almost like her, having spent his entire childhood in a training facility.

Caressed by Ice ~ Here is why I don’t think Kaleb is the Ghost

He began at the beginning—the fateful meeting on the PsyNet, a meeting he was sure had been engineered by the Ghost. But the other Psy had only found him because Judd had wished to be found.

“He’d been watching me, seen my subtle insubordination. I met Father Xavier Perez a year later.” In a bar where he’d gone for data and Perez had gone to get blind drunk. But those were the priest’s secrets. They had nothing to do with their work.

“Kindred souls.” She was even closer, as if she couldn’t stay away.

Neither could he, despite the fact that he could sense the cascade of fine blood vessels bursting and being repaired instantaneously inside his skull. His Tk-Cell abilities were keeping up with the damage. Just. “We, all three of us, want to protect the Psy from the biggest threat since Silence.” Though Xavier Perez’s motive remained a mystery, the man’s loyalty was unquestionable. “Protocol I will lead to the destruction of the young—their minds will be cut into, their individual identities destroyed.”


Bonds of Justice ~ Based on this passage I’m 99.9% on the identity of who Kaleb is hunting for.

Kaleb looked at the body of the human he’d just killed, his fingers playing with a small platinum charm-a single perfect star- that was always with him, no matter where he went. Glancing down at the star, he said “For you.” For the one person he knew better than anyone else on this earth, and yet could not teleport to, no matter how many times he’d tried.

And he’d tried everyday for over six years.

Tangle of Need ~ There is a lot happening in this book, BUT the most important thing regarding Kaleb happens on the very last two pages. I’m not going to post the entire thing here, but I will share the most important parts.

Kaleb had found the first clue eight months ago, a psychic tracker he’d constructed and released into the Net. Of the thousands he’d sent out only one had returned to him. It had been old and crumbling, but it had carried a viable information payload.

A name.

A direction.

….no one had expected Kaleb to come hunting.

No one knew they had taken what belonged to him.

No alive anyway.

Skipping several paragrapsh here…

He ignored the irrelevant facts. Only one thing mattered.

He’d found her.

Ok all that being said the person I think Kaleb has been hunting for is Sahara Faith’s missing cousin.

Who do you think he’s been hunting for?



  1. Aurore

    I loved this post! It’s always fun to read about such investigations 🙂 even if I’ve only read the first four novels in the series (I know, shame on me) and I loved them. I really have to read the others. All this excitement about Heart of Obsidian reminds me what I’m missing.
    About Kaleb, your clues sound pretty convincing. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right.
    Good luck with your research!

    1. TBRG (Post author)

      Aurore you should finish the series…it’s my crack I’ve already had to replace the first couple of books twice. This is also the best kind of research 🙂

  2. Ziggy

    Thank you for this sleuthing. Isn’t it clever of Nalini to thread this mystery through her books. Talk about long-term planning. I’ll be interested to read what your thoughts are about the Ghost.

  3. e_bookpushers

    Love it! and I agree with you.


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