RomCon Challenge: Spotlight Authors

First off wanted to thank everyone for making our first month so fabulous, we appreciate all the support!

Now onto the RomCon Reading Challenge: To start things off we are going to list the winners from the convention last year, these will be the spotlight authors in 2011, and a good place to begin.  As authors are announced we will keep you updated, so you have a general idea there were about 80 or so authors who participated in RomCon last year and hopefully more this year so we have our work cut out for us.
Baby steps people we have some time.

Basically the challenge is to read at least one book from each author before August of 2011 when RomCon will be held again.  We have a tab on the left hand sidebar where we can discuss the books we are reading and share any helpful tips or good books that you have found.

Here we go with the first 12:

Abby Gaines
Carly Phillips
Cindy Gerard
Jennifer Ashley
Jory Strong
Livia Dare
Mary Sullivan
Robyn DeHart
SJ Day
Sandra Hill
Sheri Whitefeather
Sophia Nash


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