Over the Line

(Bodyguard Series bk4)
Rating 5
Reading Round the Genre’s: Romantic Suspense
WHEN EVERY FRIENDLY FACE COULD MASK A KILLER… “Sweet Baby Jane” Perkins has carved out a mega-selling reputation as rock’s favorite bad girl. But her hard-living, tough-talking image can’t prevent the sharp dose of reality that hit home when her estranged mother is killed in a car accident. As bizarre coincidences escalate in her own life, Janey grows certain that someone is watching her every move, and it’s not one of her adoring fans…
THE ONLY PERSON SHE CAN TRUST… Since leaving the Army Rangers six months ago, Jason Wilson has been adrift, a warrior without a war. Now he’s taken his first civilian assignment for his army buddy’s security firm: protecting a rock diva on her sold-out tour. Far from being a spoiled star, Janey is a revelation-sweet, modest, and incredibly sexy. Their friendship is turning to mutual, heated desire, but it’s a distraction that could cost them more than their hearts…
MAY BE A PERFECT STRANGER… Drawn into the depths of a deadly secret, they’ll face off against a killer growing more ruthless every day, and Jason will discover just how far he’ll go to protect an explosive passion he never expected..
REVIEW: This was the first time that I have ever read this author and I had no clue that this was a part of a series. From the first page I was hooked. I read this in about 2 hours and I wanted more. Jason was the perfect HERO in my opinion, he like so many of our veterans struggled with life outside the military, and found his perfect niche as a bodyguard. Jane is the perfect compliment to Jason, strong and very resilient. The mystery was great in this book, I didn’t see the end coming at all, and was completely blown away when it was revealed. I recommend this book to everyone that likes a little mystery. I am going to hunt down the rest of this series now.


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