Proud teacher moment

This morning during the daily announcements they announced a VV High School book club. So I went to the library during my prep period to see if I had heard this right, sure enough I had. They have created a book club where for a month we as a school read a specific author or book and then go onto the blog, yep the blog, and we post about it. I then found out the name of the student that is organizing it, and she is one of my students, one of my best students. I am so proud, and I have another blog to read and more books to read, because lets face it what kind of teacher would I be if I had a book blog and didn’t participate.

This months selection is the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini, as I have been waiting for Brisinger to come out it works for me.



  1. Carpoolqueen (formerly known as Beth)

    Good for you! What grade do you teach? My daughter got her copy of Brisinger the day it came out. She’d be done by now, but we all got sick and she hasn’t been reading much this week, I’m so proud that my 10 year old is an avid reader too. And she likes a challenge!

  2. Heather

    This is great Heather! What do you teach? How are you coming along with Brisingr? I got it when it first came out and I am having a hard time really getting into it. I have actually put it aside for two other books. I just read your comment about P.Quinns series, yes you have to read Laird of the Mist and A HIghlander Never Surrenders! They were awesome. And if you haven’t already read it I am going to go ahead and tell you to read the The Raven Prince by E. Hoyt too. It is another one that both Cindy and I have agreed on. I will be posting my review to the ROR blog soon!

  3. Heather's Books

    I teach Italian. I am having the same problem with the book. I think that I am going to skim the book.


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