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Last night I went and got a pedicure and went to dinner with my sister in law, on the way home Beyonce’s song all the Single ladies came on, she asked if I had seen the episode of Glee with this song, I said no so she told me about it. I came home and immediately youtubed it, very funny, then this afternoon I see that a friend of mine has posted a video of this song also, but with a baby, I watched it and thought oh my gosh that is so funny. So here they are for your viewing attention.

Can I just say that I love being a teacher, even if I am an unemployed teacher right now. We had a bunch of errands to run to day so I checked my email to see if I had and coupons, I opened the email from Borders and saw that it was Teacher Appreciation and that I got 30% off my ENTIRE purchase, so I pulled out my teaching license to prove that I am a teacher. Both my husband and I got three books, one of the books he got is one that I have wanted to read because it has a ton of italian and shows an accurate picture of life in Italy. I go the following books, the one that Mike got that I have on my list is The Monster of Florence. Plus the Lisa Kleypas books that I borrowed from my sister in law I should be well entertained on our trip this week.



  1. Lynne

    Those videos were so good. I watched all of them. The baby one is adorable.

    I've been hearing a lot about Glee. Do you love it?

  2. Heather

    It is one of our favorite shows.


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