The Rebel King

The Rebel King
Capturing the Crown bk 3
Kathleen Creighton

Nikolas Donovan thinks that Paris is the perfect place to escape the turmoil that has become his life, until he sees a movement in his window. What he finds isn’t what he is expecting.

Rhia De Hayes has an excellent reputation as a retrival bounty hunter. She retrives people that are lost to their families. Her current assignment however is more than she bargained for. She is to find and return the future King of Silvershire, whether he wants to go or not.

What neither of them considered would be the heat that they each feel from the moment that they meet.

REVIEW: I picked this book by random on my trek to the library today. I went with list in hand to find titles for the summer reading challenge. Sadly I left with a HUGE bag of books and only 4 of them are for the challenge. I have always enjoyed reading the Harlequin/Shilhoutte books, probably because that is where I first fell in love with romance books.

Nik is a man that is dealing with the fact that his entire life has been a lie. He has been accused of being a terrorist, killing the Crown Prince, and a whole host of other crimes. In the midst of all this it is discovered that the Crown Prince wasn’t the real prince at all. Nik is. Nik escapes to Paris, not to run away per se, but rather to think,and to figure out what the heck happened to his life and how he is now the Crown Prince and future King in a system that he despises. When he finds Rhia in his flat, he is floored by the instant desire that he has for her, even though he has no deisre to return to his country any time soon.

When Rhia wakes to find that Nik has handcuffed her to the bed, she is livid. However after tracking him to a vineyard in Provence (my personal favorite part of France), she comes to see that there is more to Nik than the dossier that she was given of him.

After some really intense sharing of feelings (you know what I am talking about :)) Nik realizes that he must return to Silvershire to discover what happened thirty years ago, with Rhia at his side he discovers that he can accomplish and handle anything.

I loved this story from the moment that I picked it up. In fact I read it all this afternoon while the family watched a movie. I loved the stark emotions between the two, that there was no hiding from their emotions. Rhia helps Nik to face his past and now his future a future that he never wanted, and Nik helps Rhia to realize that the past is just that the past.

Overall I have to say that for a quick read this is one that I am glad I found. I want to find the two books that come before this one, however you don’t have to read them to understand this book.

I give this one 5 out of 5.

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