RomCon 2011

If there is one thing that Melanie and I are passionate about besides books it is RomCon. Last year was the first one held and we had a blast and we are super excited to go again this year. The growing list of authors that are going is awesome, the activities that they have planned look like a lot of fun. And we have the RomCon Reading Challenge going on. If you have not been over there they have redesigned their site, and have all the information about the convention up. So head on over there, here is the link, check it out and come join us in the fun. Oh and be sure to join in the reading challenge, all the info is on our page RomCon Reading Challenge.


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  1. Elaine Levine

    Hey you two! Thanks for the mention! Michele and I look forward to catching up with both of you at RomCon. We’re working on finalizing the event schedule, so there will lots more info coming in the very near future!



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