The Royal Treatment

Mary Janice Davidson

Rating 5
Reading Round the Genre’s – Contemporary

Alaska is an independent country with it’s own royal family. The king, who likes to mingle with his subjects incognito, meets Christina, a loudmouth chef who speaks her mind using vividly colorful phrases. The king invites her to the castle; she thinks for a job interview but he sees her as a worthy bride for his crown-prince, David. Can Christina’s confident personality carry her through planning a royal wedding and a royal family crisis? See how Christina and David’s relationship goes from arranged to blistering in spite of the cold climate!

REVIEW: If I was to choose my favorite book of Mary Janice Davidson’s it would be this one. I loved the book the first time I read and again when I discovered it last week at the bottom of my bookshelf, I am in the middle of packing so am discovering all sorts of books that I had forgotten about. I loved the interaction between Chris and David, and there are all the relations. If your looking for a quick easy read, that has all the makings of a great comedy check out this book and the ones that follow, The Royal Pain, and A Royal Mess.


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