The Secret Follower/Thank you

All you bloggers out there know that you have one and that you want them to follow you so that you can see them, or at least leave a comment right.  Well last week Melanie and I discovered who our secret follower is and boy were we surprised when we discovered who it was.

It is someone that we had no clue knew the name of the site let alone stopped by once or twice a week. Our secret follower is Melanie’s dad, my father in law. We were both shocked and kept laughing about it all day. But both of us were secretly pleased that he takes time out of his day to check us out and see what we are doing.

So Dad thank you for being our secret follower.

Also I want to say thank you to Stephanie in MA. You know who you are, I went to send you a thank you for the book and discovered that my kids in a bid to clean threw out your address. So thank you for the book and I LOVED it.


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