Series Saturday: Good Girls Do or Don’t by Cathie Linz

Back when I was  a poor college student and had to rely on the library for my reading material I stumbled across this series and it has remained one of my favorites ever since then. It’s one of those series you read when you want to laugh and just feel good.  Cathie also writes under the name Cat Devon, and while I haven’t read those books, if they are anything like these then I will be reading them. 

good girls do
Julia Wright couldn’t be more content with her job at the local library, nestled in placid, picturesque Serenity Falls. Until her wacky mother, petty-thief sister, and little niece decide to crash her quiet party of one. And her troubles really stack up when a new guy roars into town on his Harley, shaking up more than just the books on her shelves.

Luke Maguire never thought he’d set foot back in the dull town where he’d spent his youth. But when his abusive father dies, he’s forced to return and take care of the family bar. While trying to get the people of Serenity Falls to lighten up a little, he makes an unlikely alliance with a feisty librarian, whose pages he’d really like to turn. The battle lines are being drawn and Luke may have an uphill fight on his hands, but he’s determined to come out on top, tempting this good girl to be very bad.


bad girls don'tWhen Skye Wright saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror, she figured she’d just charm her way out of yet another speeding ticket. How could she have known that the handsome cop who stepped out of the police cruiser was a Studly Do-Right capable of taming the wild child right out of her?

It took less than two seconds for Sheriff Nathan Thornton to peg the sexy Skye as trouble. Maybe it was the way she shimmied her hips in that I Dream of Jeannie outfit. Or the huge stack of speeding tickets in her bag. Whatever it was, the woman was belly dancing her way into his thoughts. Now if only she’d belly dance into his bedroom!



big girls don't cryLeena may be down on her luck—but big girls don’t cry.

They get even…

Leena Riley has returned to her hometown of Rock Creek with her tail between her legs. Her fabulous plus-size modeling career in Chicago never took off, and now the only job she can land is as a receptionist in a veterinarian’s office. She has to be desperate to work for Cole Flannigan…

Being two years older than Cole never spared her from his taunts in school. Now all grown up, Cole is still the golden boy, a sexy charmer with commitment issues and a short attention span—until Leena and her curves strut into his life. And though she turns his office upside-down, he can’t resist the animal attraction that makes him look at Leena in a whole new light…


smart girls think twiceWhere dangerously sexy men are concerned….SMART GIRLS THINK TWICE

With her job hanging in the balance, sociologist Emma Riley is back in her hometown of Rock Creek, Pennsylvania, for both her sisters’ weddings. As if that isn’t depressing enough, Emma also needs to stay focused on the research project that could save her job and launch her career. Her success hinges on sexy Rock Creek newcomer Jake Slayter.

Unfortunately, Jake wants nothing to do with Emma — or her big project. He has his own motives for being in Rock Creek, and if there’s one thing he can’t afford, it’s a distraction in the form of a brainy beauty like Emma. Too bad Emma has made it perfectly clear that she’s way too smart to let him stand in her way. Too bad Jake has made it perfectly clear that he’s way too smart to take no for an answer!





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  1. Sharlene Wegner

    Thanks for the suggestions! I read a more recent book by Cathie – Tempted Again – and it was really good. I will check these other books out!


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