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It is hard to believe that December is already upon us and that it is just a mere countdown away now until Christmas….Now is definitely the time to kick it into high gear with those holiday romances!  Fortunately, there are some great ones to pick from!

21570816What could be better than than the holidays and bunch of sexy hockey players?  Particularly from a series that we all know and love!  I am a huge, HUGE fan of Toni Aleo and her Assassins series…and I can say – as someone who got a sneek peek at the advanced readers copy of this book – that you guys will want to get your hands on this one!  Look out for my review coming up on this one – it’s coming up in just a few days!  THe book itself is set for release on the 10th…:)

Title:  A Very Merry Hockey Holiday

Author:  Toni Aleo


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – with eight stories featuring your most beloved characters and their families – it’s time to get comfy with a cup of hot cocoa and take a sneak peek at the holidays, Assassins’ style.

Join Lucas and Fallon along with Tate and Audrey as they await life-changing gifts; Erik and Piper, and Phillip and Reece who have decisions to make that could lead to exciting developments ahead in their lives; and Claire as she makes a Christmas wish and choices for her future. Spend Christmas morning with the Adler family and see what the New Year has in store for Karson and Lacey, as well as Kacey King. The King family faces significant changes and resolutions that will leave readers alternately cheering and maybe a little heavy-hearted…all wrapped up in a big bow.

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cover55325-mediumAnd we definitely can’t forget our armed soldiers this time of year – especially the ones who aren’t able to make it home for Christmas.  So what is more poignant than love that starts with a care package?  This one sounds like a keeper!

Title:  Home For Christmas

Author:  Fiona Greene

Blurb:  What began as an impersonal-but-cheerful holiday gift for a soldier far from home becomes so much more…

Sergeant Tate McAuliffe, stationed in Afghanistan, opens his Christmas care package from Australia and is stunned by both its contents and the sender.

Fun-loving Christmas tree designer Layla Preston is a breath of fresh air for loner Tate. Although they’ve never met, their email friendship quickly develops and their feelings for each other deepen.

But Layla knows the heartache that loving a soldier can bring and when Tate is injured, her deep-seated fear drives them apart. With their relationship in tatters, can Layla and Tate work through their differences, so Layla can welcome Tate home for Christmas?

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cover57131-mediumIf your looking for something with a little more ‘bite’ then check out this new addition set for release on the 15th of December – right before the holidays!…:)

Title:  Christmas With A Bite

Author:  Patricia A. Wolf

Blurb:  Sometimes the holidays totally bite… This Christmas, Mara Livingston is determined to start over. But as she’s driving to her “new” home, a freak winter storm forces her off the road. Now she’s stranded in the middle of nowhere. Then he shows up. And there’s something strangely familiar about him… Connor Reece never expected to see Mara again. Nor is he prepared for the onslaught of emotions―including an unimaginable rush of desire―she stirs within him. Now he has a chance to claim the woman he’s always wanted. Except, there are a couple of small details that Mara doesn’t know. The first is that Connor is a vampire. And the second is that if his family finds out about Mara, she will most certainly be killed…

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Well, we know about Santa and Rudolph, but this collection of books features Santa’s four daughters…yes, you heard me right…..Santa’s daughters.  This author definitely has an original idea, and it sounds like an interesting read.  The Kringle Girls features Holly, Ivy, Noelle, and Merry as they get caught up in a little holiday matchmaking!

915AGsqIYkL._SL1500_Title:  The Kringle Girls

Author:  Lily Rede

Blurb:  The Kringle Girls aren’t naughty, but the night is young! Santa’s four daughters are all single this Christmas Eve, but holiday romance is about to catch up with them. Follow Holly, Ivy, Noelle, and Merry on the family’s most important night of the year, and see what happens when they each get tripped up by a little magical matchmaking. Sweet and sexy, it’s a night not to be missed!

HOLLY – It’s hard to be normal when you’re Santa’s daughter, but Holly is giving it her best shot, staying out of the family business and building a life for herself as a small town teacher. However, the elves and Mrs. Claus decide to help things along when Holly falls for David, the hot divorced father of one of her young students. When Santa “accidentally” leaves the little boy’s present behind, the family calls on Holly to deliver it herself, even if it means a midnight tangle with David and a chance to make all her naughty wishes come true.

IVY – Determined to keep Santa’s empire up with the times, Ivy is so busy managing the company’s newly formed External Relations department that she can’t even take time out for the Christmas Eve party. Which is all for the best, because Ivy has a secret. However, when Rafe, her sexy business partner, discovers the Kringle Girls’ odd susceptibility to mistletoe, he decides to use the magical plant to launch his seduction of the cool and reserved beauty. As the party rocks on around them, Rafe will use every sexy trick in the book to woo Santa’s daughter, and get her to admit that not only is she as head over heels for him as he is for her, but that they belong together, even after Christmas is over.

NOELLE – Competitive and outrageous, Noelle doesn’t always play well with others, and lives a life of relative solitude out on the remote ranch, tending Santa’s magical reindeer and their families throughout the year. She’d be the last to admit that she’s a little starved for human companionship, and now that Santa’s rescinded her magical ability to pop from place to place for a whole month – after the silliest little spat – she’s really all alone. Forced to make the trek up to the North Pole by conventional means, Noelle picks up Will, an emotionally damaged drifter. As they travel, they find that a little vulnerability and a lot of heat can equal explosive chemistry, but can they make it to the North Pole with their hearts intact?

MERRY – Santa’s baby, Merry is the youngest, and has spent most of her life being bowled over by her confident and determined older sisters. Too timid to leave the North Pole, she’s contented herself with a life as Toy Manager to the elves. However, sometimes a Kringle Girl needs a little more than elf companionship. Unfortunately, the only likely prospect is Ben, her father’s new handyman. He’s hot and sweet and he might be interested, but shy Merry can’t seem to string two words together when he looks at her with those steel blue eyes. Can she overcome her shyness to go after what she wants? Or will she let Ben slip through her fingers?

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