To the Limit by Cindy Gerard

The BodyGuards bk 2

HER RULES: NEVER DOUBT YOUR INSTINCTS…Please come..and hurry. The frantic message was for securities specialist Eve Garrett, left by her friend, Tiffany, the missing teenage daughter of Florida’s most reclusive multi-billionaire, Jeremy Clayborne. However, the only thing Eve found at the stormy midnight rendezvous was a nameless, facelss attacker who left her for dead. But the biggest knockout was yet to come… NEVER

TRUST THE BAD BOYS… Tyler “Mac” McClain, the arrogantly sexy beach bum who seduced and abandoned Eve years ago is back. Now he’s a P.I. hired by Clayborne’s own camp to find Tiffany, a party girl on a party run. With two attempts on Eve’s life, Mac has reason to suspect it’s something more sinister. AND

NEVER SAY NEVER. Where the search is taking Eva and Mac is into the dark secrets of the rich and famous, into the menacing shadow of a killer playing by his own rules, and into the heart of a sizzling desire re-ignited by the danger that threatens to claim them both.

REVIEW: This series has become a favorite of mine, even though I can’t seem to read them in order. I have read book 5 and now book 2. One of the things that I love about this series is that it is about siblings.

There is just something about a very capable woman that is awesome. Eve didn’t really need Mac however Mac really needs Eve. Throw in their past, a lot of sexual tension, and a mystery that gets more and more confusing, and this is a must read book.

I give this book a 4.5 out 5


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