What a Dragon should Know

What a Dragon Should Know
Dragon Kin bk 3

G.A. Aiken

Only for those I love would I traipse into the merciless Northlands to risk life, limb, and my exquisite beauty. But do they appreciate it? Do they say, “Gwenvael the Handsome, you are the best among us-the most loved of all dragons?” No! For centuries my family has refused to acknowledge my magnificence as well as my innate humility. Yet for them, and because I am so chivalrous, I will brave the worst this land has to offer.

So here I stand, waiting to broker an alliance with the one the Northlanders call The Beast. A being so fearful, the greatest warriors will only whisper its name. Yet I, Gwenvael, will courageously face down this terrifying…woman? It turns out the Beast, a.k.a. Dagmar Reinholdt, is a woman-one with steel-gray eyes and a shocking disregard for my good looks. Beneath her plain robes and prim spectacles lies a sensual creature waiting to be unleashed. Who better than a dragon to thaw out that icy demeanor?

And who better than a beast to finally tame a mighty dragon’s heart?

REVIEW: I love this series. This author was one of those random library picks that I did. I love that men are snarky, moody and down right mean at times, and the women give it right back to them.

Gwenvael is the brother that everyone thinks is a light skirt or rather a man-whore. In fact his nickname is Ruiner or was it Defiler? He is called both. When he is sent on a diplomatic mission by his sister in law the mad bitch queen who is 7 months pregnant, everyone expects him to fail.

Dagmar is the only girl of her fathers 12 sons. She is also the smartest. She has learned how to make her father do what is it better for his kingdom, all the while making him believe that it was his idea. However she wants a different life for herself. Everything that she does is to acheive her end purpose, a little cottage of her own where she can live in peace. There is nothing that goes on in her father’s kingdom that she doesn’t know about, nothing.

When these two meet there are definite sparks. Both of them are underappreciated by there families, and they both want something more. Everytime they got together I wanted to either fan myself or laugh because of the antics.

One of my favorite scenes is when Gwenvael is trying to get back into Dagmar’s good graces and they spy on her sister in law having a go with the stable master. They will be having a conversation and then one of them will make a comment about the technique of the stable master and how her sister in law is going to explain the ruined clothes.

I will warn you that there is a part of this book that is heartwrenching, I actually started to tear up.

The plot and all the secondary characters were as always amazing. What I really like about this series is we see the progrssion of the other two couples in this series, and how their lives are aging. As this is a series that is definitely about a family that is in each other’s pockets and lives, they all live in the same castle as humans but have their own caves. We get to see more of Gwenvaels parents and learn about them and their siblings.

This book isn’t your normal paranormal/fantasy book. It is a good solid romance where the characters happen to dragons also.

I give this book a 4.75 out of 5



  1. Cherry

    This book sounds like the best in the series. Will have to have a little lookie, lookie… 🙂

  2. Heather

    it's good…one of my favorites.

  3. Amy C

    Hi Heather,
    I saw your post from someone else's blog. I just love this series too. GA Aiken has such a fun way of writing. Her dialogue and characters are so darn entertaining. And that scene you mentioned with Dagmar and Gwenvael watching her sister in law in the stables, that was a great scene. There were so many of them in this one :). And I too, also got teary eyed and most likely in the same spot as you!

    Awesome book! and loved your review.

  4. Heather

    Thanks Amy. Wasn't that scene just heart wrenching. I wasn't expecting that. So glad that you dropped by. Isn't it awesome when we discover a blog from someone else's blog.

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