Why I Love Blogging about Books

When I started this blog a year and a half ago I had no clue that it would become what it has become. It started out as a way to keep track of what I was reading and whether or not I liked the book and the author. Then I became aware of other book blogs, and began to read them, some I read religiously and some I hit once a week. Some I am friends with on facebook and others on twitter. No matter what though I get great suggestions on books, and sometimes I even get emails from those blogs that I read recommending other books and authors to read. From the wide realm of blogs that I read I have extended the amount of authors and books that I read. I no longer only a select few authors but a wide range of authors.

So thank you to all that read my blog, and all those whose blogs that I read. You have enriched my life and made dents in my bank account (Mike doesn’t thank you), and have made my nine year old want to have a book blog. Please keep the recommendations coming.




  1. Rowena

    Awww, you're very welcome and sorry Mike! =) Your blog has quickly become one of my daily stops. Keep up the good work sweetie!

  2. Heather

    Thanks…I feel the same about your blog.


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