A Highland Werewolf Wedding By Terry Spear

highland werewolf wedding

Title: A Highland Werewolf Wedding

Series: Werewolf series Bk 11

Author: Terry Spear

Genre: Paranormal romance


What do you get when you mix together hot Scottish werewolf with a cute American werewolf?  You get a Highland Werewolf Wedding!  Elaine Hawthorn returns to the one place she thought she would never go again, Scotland. After several centuries on a quest to find lost pirate treasure that belongs to her family.   She runs into or should I say runs off the road Cearnach on the way there, and even though centuries have passed they know they have seen each other before. With the treasure on the line and their family’s bitter enemies, they also know they are meant to be mates. Both are Alpha werewolves which add additional heat to their growing relationship.

We already enjoyed the romances of the other two MacNeill brothers (Heart of the Highland Wolf and A Howl for a Highlander), so it is a relief to finally get to hear Cearnach MacNeill’s story.  I really loved how both Cearnach and Elaine find the love they’ve always missed; especially Elaine, since she can’t trust her own family and a wolf without a pack — well you get the picture.

A Highland Werewolf Wedding is the eleventh werewolf novel by Terry Spear.  Like her other novels in this series, it can be read as a totally standalone novel, but returning fans will enjoy the brief glimpses of the continuing lives of characters from her previous novels. I loved the way that Spear connected the past with the present in this novel.  It had all the feel of a time-travel novel, only since werewolves have immortal lives, Cearnach and Elaine are in both centuries.  If you like passionate love scenes, great character development, action spiced with humor and clever banter, Scottish burrs, ghosts and lost treasure added to your romance, I give this read an A+!



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  2. terryspear

    Thanks, hotcha1!!! 🙂 And thanks, Helen!! Sooo glad you loved it!!!

  3. ELF

    Looking forward to reading it! I have been drooling over the covers for weeks, lol.


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