After the War by Jessica Scott

cover64716-mediumTitle:  After the War

Series:  Homefront #2

Author:  Jessica Scott

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   A terrible loss…

Captain Sarah Anders lost her husband to the Iraq war and has nearly lost the career she loves. Sent to Fort Hood, she only wants to do her job and take care of the daughter she’s raising on her own. She never counted on running straight into a memory she’d tried to forget.

A love he never forgot…

Captain Sean Nichols never got over Sarah. He simply tried to forget her amidst the war and the chaos of combat. But when she’s assigned to investigate his unit, he comes face to face with the woman no war or any amount of time could make him forget.

A dark secret…

As Sarah gets closer to the truth, Sean must accept that actions he took during the war may end the tentative love building between them. And even if Sarah can forgive him, Sean may never be able to forgive himself.

ThoughtsAfter the War is a really sweet story about recaptured love, or love that gets a second chance. The book focuses largely around the military, the Army specifically, and it does play a large role within the book. The author does a good job depicting the armed forces, and that comes across throughout the story. I did get a little annoyed with the reasoning behind their previous breakup – the fact that Sean wanted this stay at home wife, yet he knew what her plan was from the beginning. Yet all of a sudden it’s a deal breaker? That kind of excuse annoys me in real life, so I guess it’s not any different within the confines of a book…J  Plus, the fact that it was a big enough deal to break up over, yet was barely (if at all) a blip in things keeping them apart the second go round just didn’t come across as believable.  I just didn’t by it.

However, I think anyone who enjoys military themes in their books will love this one. Overall though, I enjoyed it, and I think it really hits a good, solid B rating.

Rate:  B


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