Beyond Jealousy by Kit Rocha

beyond jealousyTitle: Beyond Jealousy

Series: Beyond bk 4

Author: Kit Rocha

Genre: Erotic, Dystopia

She’s been looking for the perfect man. She found two. 

When Rachel Riley sacrificed a life in Eden to protect the O’Kanes, she earned her place in the powerful Sector Four gang. But the former crime princess is tired of being everyone’s sweet little sister . It’s time for her to get wild, to embrace her fantasies as only an O’Kane can—with a delicious exiled soldier and the gang’s wickedly sinful tattoo artist.

A saint… 

Lorenzo Cruz is a warrior, taught by his commanding officers in Eden that involvement equals distraction. Emotion is a liability, and desire a sin. In Sector Four, he finds decadence, shameless sex—and his own dark urges. No battle strategy prepared him for how Rachel makes his heart race…or the way his rival for her affections sets his blood on fire.

…and a sinner. 

Ace Santana has a dirty reputation and a mind to match, especially where his new lovers are concerned. He’s eager to help Cruz embrace his dominant side, and to explore the lines between pleasure and pain with Rachel. But corrupting them quickly becomes an obsession, a need he can’t deny—and a love he never imagined.

Three hearts on the line means a hundred ways their ménage a trois could go wrong. After all, even O’Kanes do forever two-by-two. One of them could be the missing piece that makes them all whole…or a temporary diversion destined for a broken heart.

Thoughts: I have a lot of thoughts about this book, because well it’s THIS book. But the number one thought I have about this book is this…..GO BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! I MEAN IT RIGHT NOW! YOU WILL THANK ME LATER FOR IT I PROMISE!

Now for why it’s THIS book for me.

From the moment Ace showed up on the page in Beyond Shame I was in lust with him. Every time, and I do mean every freaking time he was in a scene I fell a little bit more for him. By the end of Shame I was just a little bit in love with him. Then came Control and my feelings for him grew. Then there was that novella Denial, that I’m convinced was written to torture us, but that really began to show a little bit of who Ace really was. Then came Pain and oh my…I was in trouble. I was completely in love with Ace.

Ace is one of those characters that will complete consume you as a reader. You won’t care about anyone or anything but him. Why? Because of his story. Not just his current story, but his back story. Why he is the way he is, why he does boneheaded things that make you want to reach into the book and smack some sense into him, at the same time you are crying because you get why he reacts they he does and your heart is breaking for him.

Cruz, oh Cruz. You make my heart sing. I’ve adored Cruz ever since he left Eden and joined the O’Kanes. What he did wasn’t easy, but it was right. He’s had a lot thrown at him in a short time, and has had to completely change they way he thinks, feels and behaves. Some things he’s fine with, the cage fighting, the patrolling, the protecting. The rest though, it’s causing him a lot of internal grief. Throw in his feelings for Rachel and Ace and well he’s not above doing everything in his power to make them his.

Rachel, now she’s a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Unless his name is Ace. Then there’s her growing feelings for Cruz, and well she’s barely keeping her head above water. When Cruz and Ace decide they’ve had enough and the only way any of them will be happy is for all three of them to be together and she isn’t sure she’ll survive the coming pleasure.

But not all is champagne and roses with these three. There’s some serious stuff going down, and the whole sector is in for trouble from unknown sources. As the three of them learn how to be in a committed relationship, they each have to make some choices. When one of their choices almost destroy’s them all, one of them does everything in his power, even going so far as to broker deals with one of the most powerful men in the area to save them.

Then there’s the sex. And OMG is there a lot of it. And it’s dirty. So very very dirty. And so very Ace, Rachel and Cruz. I will say this, if you thought the cage fight between Ace and Cruz was hot, you haven’t seen or read anything yet. You will need several ice cold glasses of water, a fan, and no interruptions for this one. This book is by far the hottest book in the series so far. These three put anything that Noelle and Lex can come up with to shame.

Bottom line, if you’re a fan of this series and have been waiting for this book it doesn’t disappoint. It has everything that we’ve come to expect from this amazing series. If you’ve not yet picked it up, well just head on over to Amazon or B&N and buy Beyond Shame now, and while you’re at it, get the other’s in the series as well.

Grade A+

P.S. The cliffhanger at the end of this book leading to Beyond Addiction will have you wanting to find a hacker to break into Kit Rocha’s computers to find out what is going to happen.


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