Carved in Darkness (A Sabrina Vaughn Novel) By Maegan Beaumont

Title: CARVED IN DARKNESS (A Sabrina Vaughn Novel)

Series: Sabrina Vaughn Series

Author: Maegan Beaumont

Genre: Mystery

Book Blurb:

Fifteen years ago, a psychotic killer abducted seventeen-year-old Melissa Walker. For 83 days she was raped, tortured, and then left for dead in a deserted churchyard . . . but she was still alive.

Melissa begins a new life as homicide inspector Sabrina Vaughn. With a new face and a new name, it’s her job to hunt down murderers—a job she does very well.

But when Michael O’Shea, a childhood acquaintance with a suspicious past, suddenly finds her, he brings to life the nightmare Sabrina has long since buried.

Believing his sister was recently murdered by the same monster who attacked Sabrina, Michael is dead set on getting his revenge—using Sabrina as bait.

My Thoughts:

Maegan Beaumont grabs you from page one and keeps you guessing to the end only to leave you hanging for the rest of the story. Her writing is so descriptive and the story line so gripping that I couldn’t put the book down. The heroine Melissa/Sabrina was a survivor someone who went to hell and back only to face the person who put her there again. The hero Michael O’Shea is out for one thing to avenge the death of his sister Frankie at the hands of the same person who believes he had killed Melissa/Sabrina 15 years ago and he’ll do anything and use anyone to make that happen. To both Michael and Melissa/Sabrina’s surprise there is a strong attraction that they both fight. They join forces to find the man responsible for Frankie’s death and for her scars. When she finds herself finding for her life again she is shocked to find who the killer is. There are so many twists and turns you’ll never see this twist coming.

Grade: A+


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