OK people, yesterday Heather got on here and issued a challenge to me, she wants me to read at least 3 Nalini books.  She has been after me for years to start reading them and for one reason or another I never did, than it just became the principle of the thing, yeah I am stubborn like that.   So she now had an outlet to publicly get others involved in the asking, oh and threatening, thanks Jessa don’t want to be harassed at RomCon this year.

So I am caving, I finally said it, I will buckle down and read a Nalini book and you will never believe it but I already have Slave to Sensation on my Kindle I think I downloaded it last August and have never even opened it – the horror!  Not saying I will meet the due date she issued, I mean I do have to prioritize some and school is at the top than I have tons of books I am reading for reviews, but I will say that by the end of the week I will have started StS.

Will keep everyone posted on my Nalini journey and thanks for all the input.




  1. Aurian

    Well, Friday evening here, which means end of the week for me, hooray weekend! So, have you started yet? Are you hooked yet?

  2. melanie - admin

    OK so I’m on chapter 5 and so far I have to admit I am liking it, but shhhh don’t tell Heather she might gloat.


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