Melanie you have been challenged…

Okay I am issuing Melanie a challenge. Everyone that I have had read Nalini has immediately fallen in love with her and Melanie has resisted reading her. So I am issuing the challenge Melanie I challenge you to read at least three of Nalini’s books. You have till St Patricks day to do so.



  1. Aurian

    Does she have to read the paranormal ones, or the older Harlequin romances? I absolutely love both the Psy-Changeling ones and the Guild-Hunter/Archangel books, haven’t tried the “normal” romances yet.

  2. Heather-admin

    Good Point, I love her hqn books.

  3. Melanie-Admin

    OK challenge issued but not accepted yet, I want to hear from people as to why you like Nalini and what your favorite books of hers are?

  4. Jessa Slade

    Read all 3 Guild Hunter. If you only have the first one, you will weep and gnash your teeth and rend your clothes until you get the other two, so you might as well save yourself the heartache and get all three. You’re welcome.

    As for why… Rafael is a genuinely dangerous hero, not a black-washed hero, which I love. And Elena is his match without being cliche kick-ass. Also, the world is so perfectly drawn, you can BELIEVE it.

    Disclaimer: I adoooore these books. In case that wasn’t obvious 🙂

  5. JazCullen

    My friend Cedar moaned at me for a few months to read Nalini’s books. I kept saying yeah, I will when I have some time. Eventually around about November last year I caved and got Slave to Sensation. I have now read every Psy/Changeling novel and Guild Hunter novel.

    I now tell everyone I know to read Nalini.

    Melanie, girl! Get reading because you are seriously missing out on something so spectacular that when you read that first book you’ll wonder how you ever resisted LOL


  6. esra

    you should read all of them . I don’t like the werewolfs or anything until I read the psy-changeling books. now I’m a huuuuge fan of these creatures lol 😀

    and guilt hunter series ,oh man ,there is so much action and sexy as hell vampires and angels . elena is the coolest hunter ever and raphael is the most drop dead gorgeous archangel in history 😀 I’m from turkey , these books are not translated to turkish but we hope they will some day , I read with my bad english and loved it =)

  7. Pam


    These are MUST reads – both the Psy/Changeling series and the Guild Hunter. I have read up to Bonds of Justice and have Archangel’s Consort on my TBR pile.

    The reasons:

    Wonderful “world buiding” and you find yourself transported into these places that take you away. The characters are interesting and you want to get to know them and you enjoy meeting them again and again as each series progresses.

    As I said MUST READS!!!


  8. KB/KT Grant

    Slave to Sensation is the near perfect romance and one of my all time favorites. Nalini writes incredible, hot heroes and wonderful heroines. She is my go to author I recommend to anyone who wants to read romance.

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  10. Valkyrenschwester

    Well… I have started with the Psy-Changeling books and I loved from the start. Even Guilt Hunter is awesome. I think it is not import with which you start – just start reading it. Every book is a pearl. But from Psy/Changeling series I mostly liked “Mine To Possess” and “Caressed By Ice” and if you start with The Guilt Hunter series you will love the first book. It is awesome.

  11. carly phillips

    You must read Nalini’s Psy Changeling series. I read one – and within two weeks devoured the rest! And w/the ultimate bk in series coming soon, do it NOW! 🙂


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