Crazy Beautiful by Jessica Serra Huizenga

CB JSHTitle: Crazy Beautiful

Series: Crazy Beautiful book #1

Author: Jessica Serra Huizenga


Kinsley Moore and Lucas Graham make great friends.
They make even better friends with benefits…

Kinsley Moore doesn’t believe in love. As an independent, self-determined entrepreneur, she has other things to worry about. Besides, she knows guys are incapable of commitment, so there’s no use getting close.

But when she meets Lucas Graham, her new landlord’s flirty, sexy son, she’s more than up for some casual fun.

Lucas is in no way looking for a relationship either, so when he’s offered a no-strings, strictly friends-with-benefits hookup with a beautiful girl, the opportunity is too good to pass up. He’s not able to give his heart away, so it’s perfect Kinsley prefers to keep emotions out of their arrangement.

Except when Lucas and Kinsley start to feel something more, their complicated pasts threaten to overshadow any chance they might have at a future together.

Can Lucas prove he’s capable of love?
Can Kinsley believe she is enough?

**This book is for readers over the age of 18 due to strong language and explicit sexual content**



This story brings together two people who think they do not need love but in the end discover that love can sneak up on you when you least expect it and will not be ignored once the heart finds who it wants. Jessica Serra Huizenga’s writing style flowed well and kept pace in this storyline. She writes with heart and humor and heat.


(Lucas) Now it’s my turn to play dirty. “When’s the last time you had sex?”

She looks up as if thinking about it before standing up straight. “I guess it’s been awhile.” She then looks me square in the eye before asking what turns out to be the game-ending question: “Want to help fix that for me, friend?”

And to think I didn’t want to come tonight.


This was a quick read that drew me in with the chemistry between not only Kinsley and Lucas but ALL of the characters. The best friends and the supportive father and co-workers… I look forward to MORE! It may be wishful thinking but it seemed to me like JSH left openings for additional stories for Kinsley’s BFF Kelley and Lucas’s BFF Ryan. <fingers-crossed>


Grade B+


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