Darkness Chosen Series

The Darkness Chosen Series by Christina Dodd is one of my favorite series, so imagine my delight when I open my email and there is her newsletter with an after the story about this family. For those of you that haven’t read them here they are in order;

A thousand years ago, Konstantine Varinski roamed the Russian steppes. Driven by his craving for power, he struck a terrible bargain. In return for the ability to change from a magnificent warrior to a predator that could hunt down his enemies and kill them, he promised his soul — and the souls of his descedents — to the devil.

Plain Ann Smith loves her handsome, dynamic boss, Jasha Wilde, but her daring plan to seduce him goes awry when she finds a black wolf warming itself before the fire. Before her horrified eyes, the wolf changes into the man she adores. She flees, he pursues, but they can’t escape their destinies.

For Jasha is the descendant of Konstantine Varinski and Ann is the woman fated to break the curse that binds his soul. To find heaven in each other’s arms, they have the devil to pay.

Handsome, powerful Rurik Wilder holds the power to transform himself into a fierce bird of prey-a gift that’s caused death and destruction.

At last he’s offered the chance to redeem himself. Only one woman stands in his way-a beautiful writer determined to wreak revenge on the assassins who murdered her family. Assassins, it’s been rumored, who have powers no human should ever possess…

Blessed or cursed with the ability to change into a sleek panther, and driven by a dark soul hes accepted as his fate, Adrik Wilder abandons his family and his honor to pursue a life of wickedness. He excels at every vice, including kidnapping Karen Sonnet to use for his selfish purposes.

But Karens spirit and passion make him question the force of his familys curse. And when a new evil emerges, Adrik must choose whether to enact revenge on his enemies and redeem his soul, or save Karen from a fate worse than death

Meet Doug Black the Wilder brother whos been missing for centuries. With no idea of where hes from, hes become an angry young cop with the ability to transform into a cougar. in search of others like him, he comes across a beautiful woman who may hold the secret to his destiny

Here is a link to the after story for those that have read the series and those that haven’t read the series I highly recommend it. I think that this is one of her better series. Here is the link to the Wilder Halloween Party.


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