Veteran’s Pictures

I am in a choir that is putting on a huge Veteran’s Concert next month, we do this every year and every year it gets bigger and bigger. We have a goal of having over 1000 pictures of veterans, with that being said I know that there are a lot of bloggers that have Veterans in their families, and I would LOVE to have their pictures. it doesn’t have to be from the Iraq War, we have pictures going all the way back to the war of 1812.

So if you are willing and have the time, dig through your pictures and if you have a picture of them in uniform (any kind of military uniform), email me the picture with their name, rank, branch and if they served during war which one and where i.e. WWII Pacific, or WWII Europe. Also pictures of Units will be great also, just make sure put where they were and what time period it was.

My email address is . PLEASE NO SPAM MAIL!!

We always have a mixture of veterans, and they really appreciate the effort that we put into honoring them.


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