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We are interrupting our normal RomCon Tuesday post for a fan letter moment, will resume next Tuesday.

This is how it began, Heather emailed me, she does that a lot, and told me about this fun little blog roll where we write a fan letter to an author.  I am not sure where I was or what I was doing but I agreed.  Than the panic set in!  I have honestly never written a fan letter before; not only that but whom do I write too?  I worried about this for a while than life got in the way and I put it out of my mind.  Luckily she emailed me again and asked if I ever decided – um no, I mean how do you decide? – There are so many great authors that have touched me in some way.  Well, after much thought I think I have finally figured it out, so here goes.


Dear Lynn Kurland

I have been reading for most of my life, there was about 3 years after birth when I did not know how, but once I figured out this wonderful talent I never stopped.  Started reading romance in my early teens and discovered my genre, in fact could not get enough of these romances, that is until a few years ago.  For some reason I just lost my interest in books did not matter what type of book it was I just could not read and for someone who’s life revolved around books I was kind of lost.  Than one day I saw a Lynn Kurland book and felt that spark once again, so I locked myself up and started reading, who was this author and why have I never heard of her? I quickly looked you up online and got the credit card out I had some catching up to do. The de Piagets and Macleod’s became my salvation, I could not tell you which one started it all and it does not really even matter since I did nothing but read and read some more.  I had never laughed or cried so hard and it was so refreshing to read a story that let me use my imagination once again.  So I must say THANK YOU Ms. Kurland for helping me once again discover my love of a well-told story and that HEA is what it is all about. Please keep them coming.



Make sure to check out who’s fan letter was to the wonderful Nora and tomorrow go to to see who they write to.  Also come back here on the 10th for Heathers fan letter.




  1. Erotic Horizon

    My word this is a blast from the past – when I read historicals (years and years ago) I really liked this author voice..

    One book I can remember is “This is All I Ask” – not sure why that one stuck with me but it does…

    It’s wonderful that you can credit this author with pulling you out of your reading slump…

    Just looked at her Nine kingdoms series – they sound just up my street…

    Wonderful letter – and definately a blast from the past for me..


  2. orannia

    Lovely letter Melanie. I adore those books (and am so grateful to those authors who write them 🙂 that pull me out of a reading slump. The name Lynn Kurland rings a bell, but..I need to know more. *puts on investigative hat*

  3. Tam

    What a great letter. I’m always amazed (although I shouldn’t be) how many authors have really touched someone and changed their lives.

  4. Aurian

    What a great letter Melanie. I agree that Lynn Kurland is a great author. And I also know had horrible a reading block is. What to do when you are not reading?

  5. Kris

    Lovely letter, Melanie. I love the way an author can help you rediscover something you truly love about reading and especially about romance. 🙂

  6. Julie

    “there was about 3 years after birth when I did not know how, but once I figured out this wonderful talent I never stopped.” I enjoyed that line! Very nice letter Melanie!

  7. Kaetrin

    Isn’t it amazing how one book can set you on the road to reading pleasure again? Great letter. 🙂

  8. Patti (Book Addict)

    I’ve heard amazing things about Lynn Kurland but have not yet read one of her books. I must remedy that!

  9. Kassa

    I love when reading impacts life in a meaningful way. It’s so important to us book worms and I truly enjoy hearing how it started and what it means. Great letter!

  10. Lea

    I’ve heard wonderful things about Ms. Kurland’s work Melanie. Beautifully worded letter, thank you so much for sharing with us.

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