Shadow Touch

Shadow Touch
Shadow Series
by Erin Kellison



It is bleeding into our world, bringing with it banshees, wraiths, fae from the twisting forests of Twilight. But Ellie’s problem is a very different kind of phenomenon…


It ought to be attached to her; instead it has a life of its own. And her dark mirror image is a wild thing, willfully seducing the very man Ellie hoped could help.


Cam has devoted his career to exploring the boundaries between this world and the Hereafter. But nothing could prepare him for the mischief and mayhem of a soul split in two.


Who will give in first: the man struggling to unite two halves of one fascinating female; the shadow fighting for freedom to experience the thrill of every emotion; or the woman who is about to discover her own deepest desire


It is once again time to visit the Segue Institute, and the good news is we won’t have to wait as long for the next visit. Shadow Touch was a small teaser book getting us ready for Shadowman; which I have been waiting for impatiently September cannot get here soon enough!  In Shadow Touch we were introduced to Ellie and Cam; Ellie has an interesting situation, she was born with her shadow separate from herself. As she has gotten older her shadow has become the dark side of her. She feels she has finally found someone in Cam who can understand her problem and hopefully come up with someway to fix it.  Cam is a newcomer to Segue and his goal is to work with the fae that is until he meets Ellie and is thrown into a world that is more complex than he could even imagine.  Once he understands what is truly happening he knows that he cannot turn his back on Ellie and is determined to help her. Their introduction to The Order and a solution that is presented will test both of them and make them determine what is really important.


I love when an author can take a short story and fit so much into it that you don’t feel like you are missing anything; and Erin is great at this.  The story was satisfying and fulfilled all that we would expect from a Shadow book.  I fell in love with these stories last year when I read Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall.  I was transported into a world where anything became possible and our own internal struggles manifested themselves in ways we could never imagine.  If there is one author or one series that you need to read it is these books.  Paranormal at it’s best!


Grade A+



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  1. Aurian

    I’ve read another review of this book lately, and yours gives me that much more information. Definitely on my wishlist now. Sounds like an original.


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