Freedom by S.A. Wolfe

freedomTitle: Freedom

Series: Fearsome (#2)

Author: S.A. Wolfe

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Dylan is out of the rehab facility and super buffed up. In addition to therapy and meds, he’s using exercise to keep the demons at bay. Fear of other triggers has caused him to swear off women and alcohol and for months that’s been fine. Well, he’s been super serious and boring (not the flirty fun guy we met in Fearsome), but he’s been on the path to health.
While he was away, Carson hired Emma to work with Dylan. Emma is pretty and feisty, but she has her own demons that follow her. After a week of trying to get rid of his constant temptation, Dylan gives a stranded Emma a ride home only to discover someone has been in her home. Dylan forces Emma to stay with him and the chemistry between these 2 ignites. Not only do both of them have to come clean about their past, but Emma’s past is refusing to stay there.

My Thoughts: I really liked this story, but it wasn’t as amazing as the first in the series – Fearsome was definetely an A/A+. We needed Dylan’s story after falling for him in Fearsome. I enjoyed the dual POVs this book offered, which is something we didn’t get in Fearsome. Dylan was totally swoon worthy.  He was super sweet, totally hot and a hero to a T.  With the dual POV, you got to see his struggle with his disorder and his fear of his emotions.  With that being said, I wish I would’ve connected more with Emma.  There was a lot of push and pull with her and she seemed really immature at times.  I also missed hearing so much about the townspeople that we got during Fearsome, but we did meet Cooper and I hope we get his strory next
While this is a standalone book, I wouldn’t recommend reading this without reading Fearsome.

Grade: B/B+


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