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Thank you all for stopping by this week, to finish off the week I am giving away my biggest prize ever, a bag full of books. What do you have to do to win them, only a couple of things 1st post this scavenger hunt on your blog, leaving a link to it in a post here (if you don’t have a blog that is okay when you email me let me know that you don’t a blog. 2nd email me your answers (with the questions).

You will be able to find the answers either here on my blog or in the links provided. So have fun and enjoy some of my favorite authors and series.

1- In Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter, which hunter and oracle were best friends in real life (hint they are in the first two books)
2- Nora Roberts wrote a quartet about 4 brothers that were adopted from the foster care system, who are they and what are their books?
3- Which of Kerrelyn Sparks Vampire’s likes to collect cars, and aged 12 years in 12 days? (name and book)
4- Which of Julie Garwood’s historical hero’s grandson get’s his own story in a contemporary book? (Name both characters and their books)
5- Deidre Knights new series God’s of Midnight has origins to what historical event?
6- Name one title in each of Stephanie Laurens series.
7- Name the Daratrazanoff siblings and their books in Christine Feehan’s Dark Series.
8- Kasey Michaels wrote two books featuring twin brothers what are the brother names and their books? (can also find this answer here on my blog)
9- Name all the names that the author Jayne Ann Krentz writes under and their genre’s.
10- Find at least 10 books on my blog that I have reviewed that you haven’t read but would like to after reading the review. (these just might be the books that you get)

Once you have your answers email them to me at mhsandsfamily at gmail dot com, in the subject line put scavenger hunt. You have until Saturday night to get them to me. Once again have fun and good hunting.



  1. throuthehaze


    and I emailed you!

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  2. Cherry

    Just dropped by to say "Hi!" to you Heather and to read your blog. Can't remember anymore the first two Kenyons I've read. It was a very long time ago. And I stopped reading Christine Feehan at about the 10th Carpathian book. Didn't even manage to finish that one.

  3. Penny

    blogged here:

    and I e-mailed you! (although you may get a follow-up e-mail on an answer change, cuz there's one question that I just CAN'T find the answer to!) πŸ™‚


  4. Book

    post link:

    and I'm emailing you in a second πŸ™‚

  5. Frugal Living in Vegas

    Great idea for a book giveaway. You rock.

  6. Christina

    Whoever said you rock…you totally do. It is now Tuesday so the scavenger hunt is over with but what an awesome hunt it must have been. Very creative.

  7. Hillbilly Duhn

    found you via throuthehaze, and I'm now your newest follower!!


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