Indulgence in Death

Indulgence in Death

                                      In Death bk 37

JD Robb

You would think that with more than thirty something books in this series that they plot would become thin, the characters bleh and stale, but JD Robb somehow manages to keep the relationship between Eve and Roarke fresh and evolving (like all good marriages do) and the relationships between Eve and the close circle of friends she has from becoming bland and one dimensional.

First it was a limo driver shot through the neck with a crossbow. Then it was a high-priced escort found stabbed through the heart with a bayonet.

Random hits, thrill kills, murderers with a taste for the finer things in life-and death-are making NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas angry. And an angry Eve can be just as an efficient and dangerous predator as the killer.
As time runs out on another innocent victim’s life, Eve’s investigation will take her into the rarefied circle that her husband, Roarke, travels in-and into the perverted heart of madness…

The murderers in this book aren’t a mystery from about the halfway point in the book, and it becomes more about Eve and her gang of merry cops plus one former criminal being able to prove who did and gather all the evidence that they need.

The thing that keeps me coming back for more of Eve and the gang is the relationships that she has with everyone. One of my favorite parts of this book is the very beginning. If you haven’t read Origin in Death you may be a little lost in the beginning because of what happened with Eve and some of her new in-laws in that book that carry over into this book. There is also a lot if reference to that case in this book.

I was disappointed that there wasn’t as much of Mavis and Nadine in this book, especially Nadine considering who the murderers were.

There was however some great lines between Eve and Roarke my favorite one was “….As emporer of all you survey, do you know or have access to the codes and passwords to all your employees?”

“If you mean as head of Roarke Industries do I have full access to that data yes.”

“Because you can out hack the hackers, or because of your position?”

“Both. Isn’t this interesting?”

Don’t you just love their conversations?

If you are a fan of this series that you will enjoy it, at least I did.

Grade B+

You can purchase the book here and in kindle format here



  1. Erin E.

    I can’t believe there have been over 30 books! And I believe I own all of them, this has been one of my favorite series. I love the interaction between Eve and everyone around her, as a wife, friend, boss, and tormentor. Hopefully this one will be coming to me from Amazon soon!

  2. Kim Miller

    I can’t wait to read this one!!! I love Eve & Roarke and JD Robb’s ability to write sarcasm and tenderness for both of these characters.

  3. Heather-admin

    I have to agree with you guys on this series. It is one of my fave’s. Kim aren’t you glad I gave this series to read?

  4. Aurian

    I love this series, read them as soon as I get my greedy hands on them. Completely agree with your review. Great episode.


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