Mine by Helenkay Dimon

mineTitle: Mine
Series: Holton Woods bk 3
Author: Helenkay Dimon
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary

She doesn’t depend on anyone for anything. He intends to make her his completely.

Natalie Udall thought her position at the CIA was secure—until protecting her team earned her an armed escort into certain danger. Natalie can’t stand the idea of being secreted away in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, especially since it means sharing close quarters with the controlling bodyguard enlisted to keep her alive.

Gabe MacIntosh joined the military to support his son, trained as a sniper and dealt with death on a regular basis. Now retired and operating a security firm, his first assignment is to protect a CIA agent on the run. She’s strong willed and difficult—and all Gabe can think about is exerting his domination and stripping her of every expectation she has.

Natalie has no intention of giving in to Gabe’s straightforward demands of dominant sex with no attachments—even though the very idea of giving up control thrills her like nothing ever has.

Thoughts: I have serious mad love for this series, like SERIOUS MAD LOVE. It’s all because of two characters…okay really one Eli. But this book isn’t about Eli, though he’s in it. Thank you Helenkay for that. 

If you read Taken then you know the sparks and animosity between Gabe and Natalie was insane. But that was NOTHING compared to what happens in this book. At times I was sure the pages were going to burst into flames.

On top of having to deal with his attraction to Natalie, he has to keep her safe from her former bosses at the CIA and deal with turmoil in his family, thanks to one of his brothers. To say he has a lot on his shoulders is an understatement, and something has to give. That something is his attraction to Natalie.

Natalie has zero desire to be on the run from her former bosses, and even less to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with the man who gets her juices flowing. Not only does he set her body on fire, but he makes her feel. She can handle the first, but the second not so much. The more time she spends with his however the more invested she becomes in his life and happiness.

I love Dimon’s dialogue. The banter between not just Gabe and Natalie (which was awesome) but also everyone who Andy (Gabe’s little brother who was left in charge of their company while Gabe was in hiding with Natalie…oh and he’s also still in love with Eli) had to talk to, which was thankfully Eli A LOT, have I mentioned the giant crush I have on Eli yet, was some of the best I’ve read this year.

Not only is dialogue superb, but the story of these two and their journey towards a HEA is one that had me not wanting it to end I was so invested in it.

This was the fourth Helenkay Dimon book I’ve read this year and I can telly you that I’m now going to be getting her entire backlist because she’s become one of my favorite authors.

Grade A


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