Moon Burning

Moon Burning

Children of the Moon bk 3

Lucy Monroe

Barr never asked to be made laird over the struggling Donegal clan, or leader of its werewolf pack. But he’ll do his duty and although he hasn’t yet found his mate, he hopes she will be among his people. He expects his new role to be difficult; he doesn’t expect to discover a naked woman in the forest whose memory is as fragile as her human body—her delectable, all too appealing body. Could this woman be his true mate?

On a mission to save her people from extinction, Sabrine pretends she has no memory in order to gain access to her enemy: the Donegal clan. A raven shifter, she is determined to retrieve the sacred stone that rightfully belongs to her people. But soon she’ll be engulfed in her burning desire and growing love for Barr—and the dangerous and inescapable secrets destined to keep them apart…

I have to say that I really like this series. It is somewhat different from other paranormals, add in the historical aspect and it is a great read.

In Moon Craving Taloric’s second in command Barr is made Laird of the Donegal by king until the rightful Laird is of an age that he can lead his people well. Barr is to train Cercin into a proper Laird and also repair all the damage that was done to the clan at the hands of the previous Laird.

Barr has been Laird of Donegal clan for a month and it already feels like a lifetime, the complete incompetence of the previous Laird in training his men, also the superstitions that he has to combat. When he finds a naked Sabrine laying injured in the forest all of his protective instincts come forward. He knows that she is lying about her memory but chooses to let her. He also knows that by the end of the day he will have her in his bed. His wolf recognizes her as his mate almost from the beginning. He had given up hope of finding his true mate, the one that he would have a family and companionship with for the rest of his life, when he came to the Donegal clan he wondered if maybe he would find her there, he never expected to find her naked in the forest. As he begins to make headway with the clan and repairing all the damage that the previous Laird caused he also has to deal with a mate that denies the mating bond and has every intention of leaving him.

Sabrine is on a mission and doesn’t have time to be figuring out why she has the feelings for Barr when she has never been bothered about a man, and has never really thought about having a true mate. She had made her choice years ago regarding her future and hasn’t regretted it since. That is until she comes to the hated Foal land. She knows that someone in the clan has stolen the sacred stone that is crucial to her people. She doesn’t want to be drawn into their lives, and care about them, especially Barr. One of the things I liked about Sabrine is we knew from the beginning why she was the way that she was. She had given up a lot for her people and never regretted the choice until now, when she began to realize just what she had thrown away. As she comes to understand herself she is torn between her people and her future and deciding which is more important, her happiness or that of her people. The one thing she never takes into consideration however is Barr, and how her choices will affect him.

One of the things I like about this series is that there are no secrets from us the readers. From the very beginning we know almost everythign that is going on. A couple of things are kept from us but they are insignificant things, even while being an integral part of the story. What makes them so good I think is wondering just how they are going to resolve themselves to each other and also accept who the other person is.

One of the things that Lucy does really well is have a secondary love story, that takes place along side the main one. We don’t get all of the story but we get the important parts. The secondary story in this book takes place between the healer Verica and Barr’s second in command Earic, both characters bring a lot to the story including adding depth to Barr and Sabrine.

If you like medival historical’s and paranormals than you can’t go wrong with this series. One of the best parts of this series is that it can be read as a stand alone. It is great to read them in order, however not necessary to the story line.

Grade B+

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  1. Jane

    I love this series and can’t wait to read this book.

  2. vireyda

    I have been reading this series since the first, and I really like them The first two full novels are certainly better than this one though. The plot and emotional connection just weren’t there in this one. Monroe tried to do too much in too short a space. She wanted to build a whole new set of races with brand new histories, have a secondary romance with characters I could have cared less about, have a visit from her previous secondary couple (who were really great, and I love) and still somehow make me care about her main couple.

    The story was blah, the plot was overdone, and I didn’t give a flip about anybody in the story except the characters from the book before. The others are still wonderful though! I’m going to hope this is an aberration!

  3. lbnikkijamesk8

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