Nora Roberts Celebration Day 1: Favorite Nora Series + giveaway

This week we are celebrating Nora’s 200th book release by talking about our favorite Nora books. Today we are talking about our favorite Nora series.

Heather (TBRG) My all time favorite Nora series is the Chesapeake Bay series. I love this series because it came out as my husband and I were going through the process of adopting two amazing baby boys from the foster care system. As I read about Cam, Ethan, Phillip and Seth I couldn’t help but think there but the grace of God goes my boys.

Janon (TBRG) My favorite series is the Bride Quartet

Shana Galen (author) My favorite Nora Roberts’s series is the Three Sisters Island trilogy. I love the sisters and the different men they fall in love with. Nell from Dance Upon the Air is one of my favorite heroines ever. She’s so fragile and yet so strong. Ripley from Heaven and Earth is tough in the most endearing way. And Mia from Face the Fire made me so happy I have a sister I’m close to.

Elisabeth Naughton (author) The Chesapeake Bay Series. I absolutely fell in LOVE with Cam, Ethan, Phillip and Seth.

Jessa Slade (author) I’m a fan of The Key Trilogy for the paranormal elements and the fabulous love stories.

Melissa B ( Mimmi’s Musings ) The MacGregor’s ~ I’m such a fan of Nora’s relationships ~ between her heroes and heroines, between friends and family members, and although I love them all I can’t think of any series filled with more characters that just stand out than the MacGregors.
And Daniel!

Jules Bennett (author) The Chesapeake Bay Series ~ hunky men fighting to keep their family together? Seriously, what could be sexier? And the emotional struggles? *sigh* I think I’m going to have to read these again soon!

Cindy Kirk (author)  The Chesapeake Bay Series remains my favorite.  Loved every single one of them.  The father coming back to help each boy truly move on was especially touching!  Great job, Nora!

Kim (reader) My favorite series is the In Death series. Of all the series she has written this is the one that I go back to over and over. Eve and Roarke are real people with real marital issues.

Kati (reader/blogger) My favorite Nora series in the “Born In Trilogy” set in Ireland. I’ve re-read them hundreds of times. The reason I love them so much is Nora’s complete mastery of creating a sense of place. You can practically smell the Guinness in the pub, you can hear the lilt of an Irish accent in the voices and you can see the verdant greens that the characters are looking at. Each time I read the books I’m charmed, and I fall in love again.

Lisa B (reader/blogger) My favorite Nora Roberts series is the Chesapeake Bay series. I’ve read so many great series by Nora but this is the very first one i fell in love with. I’ve read them over and over again. Such a great example of how there are different ways to make a family. Family loyalty and ways to love.

Liza (reader/blogger) I have so many favorite series by Nora, but if I could only pick one it would be the Born In Trilogy. I’ve re-read my copies so many times I’ve actually had to replace them. I love experiencing Ireland through each character. One of the reasons Ireland is on my dream travel list.

Vivian Arend (author) As a new discoverer of Nora’s work, picking up the MacGregors was like dropping into the middle of the family I’d never had. Each story is different, yet with characters who tangle around each other and connect in ways that make each individual’s journey richer. And generations deep? So inspiring and romantic.

Jennifer Porter (blogger from Romance Novel News – ) I am old school Nora Roberts’ fan, and my favorite series of hers is the one featuring the Stanislaskis. Waiting for Nick is one of my all-time favorite romance novels. I love the family that Roberts created. These books are classic comfort reads for me.

Elise Rome (author): My favorite Nora Roberts series is the Dream Trilogy. I can re-read those books over and over again (and have, numerous times).

Sasha H (reader): It was very hard to choose one series; I have four favourites, but in the end I have to go with the “In Death” series featuring Eve and Roarke. There are on average two books published per year in the series, allowing the reader to see the relationship truly grow and strengthen between two strong, independent people who found something in each other they neither wanted nor expected to ever get; love.

Megan (reader and blogger at Riverina Romantics) I’d have to say that my favorite series by Nora Roberts is the Circle Trilogy. I’ve only read it twice, but I still remember it well. Cian is my favorite character from the series.

Mad (reader & blogger at RR@H Novel Thoughts) I’d have to say my favorite series by Nora are her older categories. That’s where I first discovered her. I read her MacGregor series (loved & adored Daniel!) then moved on to her McKade Brothers series. Then there’s her Stanislaskis series.

Rowena (reader/blogger Book Binge) My favorites series by Nora Roberts is hands down, the Chesapeake Bay series. That series is so full of awesome and is one of those series that my love has stayed true to over the years. I love the way that it’s written, the way that each story mirrors the personality of the hero. Cam’s book is fast paced and in your face, just like Cam is and Ethan’s story is more laid back and slow to unfold but no less thrilling and Phillip’s story is told in a no non-sense way. It’s also very detail oriented just like Phillip is. I loved that the three brothers were brought back together again to help raise their new brother, Seth. I like how their father played a big part of bringing them back together even though he was dead and I just really liked getting to know the Quinn brothers and seeing what brought them all together in their different books and I really liked that Seth got his story all those many years later. Such a great series.

Laura Hunsaker (author) My favorite NR series is absolutely her Circle Trilogy. I loved the suspense, the characters and the paranormal aspect. I don’t think Nora has a trilogy I don’t love

***We are giving away a complete set of one of Nora’s series published by Penguin/Jove. Open to US and Canada only. Just tell us your favorite Nora series and why.***



  1. Paige

    My favorite series is the Bride Quartet. The Born In Trilogy and Chesapeake Saga are both close seconds. I have read them all many times over.

  2. May

    I love the Bride Quartet. It’s good to read about women who are best friends for life and I love how everyone is so supportive of each other.

    1. Jami Beaver

      This was a great series, I wanted another book, maybe a series of all their daughters?

  3. Lori Howe

    My favorite: the one I’m reading at any given time…. Is there anything Nora Roberts can’t write well? I haven’t found it (thank goodness). 🙂

  4. Jami Beaver

    My favorite Nora Robert series would be all of them! Every time I start one I think this is it, this is my favorite, until I get to the next one. I absolutely LOVE everything she writes. She always makes you want to jump right into the story, never put it down. I always wait and buy all of a series before reading even the first, because I know I won’t be able to stand the wait to the next book 🙂

  5. Carol

    There are so many good series to choose from that it is hard to pick a favorite. At the moment, I would choose “In Death” because it allows the characters to develop over time while showing all their human quirks.

  6. TrishJ

    I loved the bride quartet books. They were romance books, but their friendship really stood out. I do love the J D Robb books too. And the stand alone books are just awesome. How she can write so many books and yet make them all different .. just amazing.

  7. Maria pronounced Mariah

    I love the In Death series, Roark is super delicious. But I have heard fabulous things about her circle trilogy too!

  8. Kim Miller

    I love all of her books as far as strictly romance goes though I will have to say I do love her Bride Quartet series and also the McKade Brothers series!

  9. Na S.

    Wow, what an accomplishment to Nora Roberts. She is a great writer and I like how well she writes in all the sub-genres of romance. I have actually heard about her books for a while but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I actually read her books. I started with the Bride Quartet series and fell for it. It was very sweet and romantic, plus I liked the focus on friendships. I’m also working my way through the In Death (J.D. Robb) series and it’s different but exciting. Roarke is quite a hero.

  10. Rosie

    Gotta go with the Bride Quartet.

  11. goddessani

    Gotta go with The Chesapeake series. Not only does it have the incredibly sexy Ethan Quinn but any of the brothers are yummy, too.

    Loved the way they pulled together to raise Seth and it was so wonderful seeing what kind of man Seth turned out to be and how each of his brothers influenced him.

  12. Maureen

    My favorite series was the Chesapeake Bay series. I felt like it was a very real family with their ups and downs and the brothers affection for each other was sweet.

  13. Kim

    I liked the Bride quartet. It was nice getting back to her traditional romances instead of the suspense novels. I also enjoyed all Nora’s category books.

  14. Kacey Hammell

    MacKade Brothers series… no surprise there (considering my post in Giveaway Day 3 LOL)
    Also Chesapeake Bay series… I love brothers/family bonds, which Nora is the queen of IMO.

  15. Patti (Caught in a FAB Romance)

    I’m new to Nora’s books but I read the Brides Quartet and the Born In series. Oh – and the first Boonsboro book (I’m ready for book 2). I really liked the Brides Quartet – it got me interested in some of her other books. I’m writing down all the answers to your post 🙂

  16. Lisa M

    I loved the bride quartet had never read her besides the j.d. robb series but found I loved it.

  17. Chelsea B.

    200 books– WOW! How amazing is that?!?! Congratulations!
    My favorite Nora Roberts series is the Donovan Legacy, which introduced me to Nora Roberts. Le sigh….

  18. bn100

    I like the MacGregor series because of the characters and stories.

    1. bn100

      I don’t have a FB or Twitter account.

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