Nora Roberts Celebration Day 2: Favorite Nora Stand Alone + giveaway

Today we are talking about our favorite Nora stand alone book. There have been so many that some of us had a hard time choosing.

Heather (TBRG) This was a hard one for me as I have read every single book she has written, I finally narrowed it down however to three and then couldn’t decide between them so I have 3 favorite stand alone books. Unfinished Business which is one of her HQN books and one of the first ones I read as a teenager. The next is Carolina Moon, I can’t tell you why I love this book only that I do, it has everything I love in a book great characters a love story that was years in the making and bad guy that fools everyone. The last book is Three Fates, I love this book because at it’s core is family. Malachi, Gideon and Rebecca and their loves who they meet as a result of searching for the Fates are a family and that comes first and always.

Shana Galen (author) My favorite NR stand-alone is Midnight Bayou. No, Northern Lights. No, Blue Smoke. It’s so hard to choose! I guess if I was forced to choose I’d have to pick Montana Sky. The mystery in that novel kept me up all night and the characters have stayed with me all of these years later. I don’t often read books more than once, but this is a book I find myself pulling off the shelf time and again.

Elisabeth Naughton (author) Divine Evil. Super dark. Awesome characters. Couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Jessa Slade (author) The Search is a particular favorite of mine because of the dogs and the Pacific Northwest setting.

Melissa B ( Mimmi’s Musings )  Carnal Innocence.  Tucker Longstreet ~ wow.  I love how Nora did the darker titles back in the day, and this one has always remained a fav ~ she fooled me up ‘til the very end, and filled the pages with so many suspects and town full of people who were just flat a trip to read about I can’t help but still love to reread it!

Kim (reader) My favorite stand alone is Chasing Fire. It was a really well written story that made you feel like wanted to hang out with fire jumpers. You wanted to be with those guys. I can always figure out who the bad guy was by chapter 3 however in this book I had no clue and was surprised.

Kati (reader/blogger) My favorite stand alone is High Noon. I love High Noon because Duncan Swift is my favorite kind of hero, sucking you into his “beta-vibe” until he goes all alpha on your ass. I love her more laid back heroes. And Phoebe, the heroine, is self-sufficient, silly smart, and totally a girl I’d like to share a glass of wine with. There’s also a dandy suspense plot that left me guessing and Phoebe’s fascinating family and career as a police negotiator. It truly is Nora at her finest!

Lisa B (reader/blogger) When i first started reading again a few years ago after a 20 year hiatus for kids/military time and well life i was Nora i first started to read. She has so many great books i have yet to read all of her books. I have a bookshelf ok maybe 3 bookshelve’s full of her books that i reach for if i need a comfort read.  If i think recent book i would have to say Chasing Fire and The Search. Both tell a great story but educate you also.  If i think older books i have to say High Noon and maybe Northern Lights. It’s a hard decision no doubt.

Liza (reader/blogger) My favorite stand alone is Montana Sky…no make that True Betrayals. Guess if I’m hard pressed to pick only one it would be Montana Sky. I love watching the 3 women become true sisters.

Jennifer Porter (blogger from Romance Novel News – ) Again, I have to go back to Nora Roberts’ early days. I absolutely adore the reunited-lovers trope of Once More with Feeling, a Silhouette Intimate Moments book from 1983. I have vivid memories of Raven and Brand reuniting, making music, and finally finding love. This was one of the first books that I hunted for in used books stores (and later eBay) when I was building my collection of romance novels. This one is a classic.

Sasha H (reader) Favourite stand-alone novel? Hard to pick just one but in the end, I have to go with Sweet Revenge. Princess Adrianne and Philip Chamberlain wear figurative masks as they move through a world of jewelry thefts, Arab royalty and Western high-society. Nora Roberts has written a couple books about jewelry/art heists but nothing compares to the high-stakes drama and intrigue of Sweet Revenge. I also hold Montana Sky close to my heart, for very similar reasons to Shana Galen and Liza. 😀

Megan (reader and blogger at Riverina Romantics) This is an easy question. My favorite Nora Roberts book is Honest Illusions. It was the first Book by Nora Roberts that I ever read. A close friend of mine in high school gave it to me and I instantly became enamoured of Nora Rober’s writing.

Mad (reader & blogger at RR@H Novel Thoughts) I would have to say the newest one, THE WITNESS. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this to read and enjoyed it immensely. I still have lots of her others still in the TBR and reading over the other comments here have me wanting to go and pull them out of the TBR to get started on them.

Rowena (reader/blogger Book Binge)  This one is a lot harder for me because there are a lot of her standalones that I absolutely adore. Top 3? Sea Swept, The Villa and Hidden Riches. I liked all of those books for different reasons. I adored Cam and his struggles to be that stay at home brother for Seth and his family in Sea Swept and I adored the romance between Ty and Sophia in The Villa and I really enjoyed the romance between Jed and Dora but also the coming together of the mystery part of the story. Nora Roberts excels at writing stories about things that I would have never been interested in before and making them shine. I’m not a fan of antiques, I have no desire to learn about the everyday dealings of an antiques dealer but that didn’t deter me from enjoying the hell out of Dora’s story. I don’t drink wine and I don’t really care how the wine goes from the vine to the bottle but I ate up all of the wine talk in Ty and Sophia’s story. She writes stories that I love and these are the stories that I’ve loved the most over the years.

Shannon Stacey (Author): The first title that comes to mind when asked
my favorite of Nora’s standalone novels is Carnal Innocence. Hello,
Tucker Longstreet! But the book I’ve reread most often, and the one
I’d put at the top of my very-favorite list, is Montana Sky. It has
the strong, emotional core of a Nora Roberts romance, with a striking
and unique setting, a nail biting suspense plot, and the engrossing
relationship between Willa, Tess and Lily. And who could resist three
of her incomparable heroes in one book?

*** We are giving away one of Nora’s books today, just tell us your favorite stand alone book and why. Open to US and Canada only)***



  1. TrishJ

    So hard to pick just one. I did like The Search and Blue Smoke, but my favorite one was High Noon because Duncan is the perfect hero. You just know one of her books is going to take you away for awhile. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. May Pau

    I like Chasing Fire… But I always love Nora’s books no matter what.

  3. Na S.

    I read THE SEARCH last year and it was a great story. I found all the dogs in it adorable. I have already heard a lot of great reviews about THE WITNESS so I think I’m really going to enjoy it. I have so many favorite stand alone books and one that I enjoyed recently is LETHAL by Sandra Brown. Really suspenseful and exciting.

  4. Carol

    When I heard “pick a favorite” my immediate thought was “A Will and a Way”.

  5. Kim Miller

    I also love love love the book Lawless! And I also loved Three Fates and I also loved well all of them – she is consistently amazing!

  6. Rosie

    I love High Noon and Carnal Innocence (Tucker :sigh:) but made the colossal mistake of watching the Lifetime TV watered down versions with horrible actors. Won’t make that mistake again!

  7. KellyM

    I loved Montana Sky. I still makes me laugh out loud. It’s also a great book to re-read on quiet day.

  8. Tabitha

    There are so many NR stand alone novels that I enjoy. Her books are full of great dynamics with the families and between the h/h. There was True Betrayals (love Kelsey’s relationship with her mother and Kelsey and Gabe (who was such a yummy hero); Montana Sky (love how three estranged sitters came together); The Villa (love the pairing of the beautiful, confident winery heiress/marketer with the monosyllabic brash winemaker plus the secondary romance with Sophia’s mom, Pilar, with the assigned ceo David Cutter); High Noon (love the heroine being a hostage negotiator and the hero a millionaire who became one by chance not from inheritance or working)…and I can go on with more. Lol

  9. goddessani

    Favourite stand alone is Northern Lights. I’ve got it on CD and have played it at least twice a year since it was released. I could probably quote huge chunks but I won’t.

    Interestingly, I don’t like the heroine that much. But I love Nate Burke and the town of Lunacy.

  10. Maureen

    There are so many good ones but I would pick Hidden Riches since it was the first book of hers that I read.

  11. Maria pronounced Mariah

    I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of Nora’s stand alones. I will have to use these recommendations.

  12. Kim

    There are so many, but I liked Bed of Roses, Valley of Silence and Public Secrets.

  13. Kacey Hammell

    Hmmm, tough one, truly. I’ll have to say Blue Smoke or Honest Illusions. Mmm maybe True Betrayals. The Villa was pretty great too. Ack! Tougher than I thought!

  14. Heather TBRG

    While I haven’t read The Search based on what people have said I hear I will be reading it. Have to be honest and admit I missed one of her books.

    Carolina Moon is one of my favorite books and the fact that Oliver Hudson played him in the movie was special!!

    You guys are making me want to go on a Nora reading binge and re-read all these books 🙂

  15. Patti (Caught in a FAB Romance)

    I haven’t read any of her stand-alones; I’m still very new to her books. Now I want to check her backlist for contemporary stand-alones.

  16. Chelsea B.

    Wow, it seems that the only one’s I’ve read have been part of a series! But that’s OK, it just means I have more Nora Roberts to dig into! 🙂

  17. bn100

    I like Sweet Revenge because of the suspense and story.

    1. bn100

      I don’t have a FB or Twitter account.


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