Not Another Wedding by Jennifer McKenzie

cover33938-mediumTitle:  Not Another Wedding

Series:  N/A

Author:  Jennifer McKenzie

Genre:  Romance

BlurbYeah, yeah…happily ever after. Whatever.

Sure, Poppy Sullivan believes in love…but love at first sight? Not likely. That’s why she’s determined to stop her good friend from marrying the wrong woman. So she sets to work immediately and walks right into the very impressive chest of Beck Lefebvre. Not a good omen, considering how things ended up the last time he was in town.

She isn’t surprised to see Beck at his cousin’s wedding, but she’s appalled at his assumption that he deserves a second chance. She’s equally appalled at her inclination to give it to him. No way is she falling for his charm again! Although her vow to resist him may be too late…

ThoughtsNot Another Wedding is a really sweet romance about two lover’s reunited against all odds.  It definitely has a My Best Friend’s Wedding vibe to it, although not entirely.  Poppy is determined to come back home and break up her best friend’s wedding to the ‘wrong woman’.  Not because of any newfound discovery regarding her own feelings for him, but more as a protective friend who wants to make sure he isn’t making a huge mistake.  In the process, she runs into an old flame of her own – and he is more than happy to see her!  And she winds up spending an exhorbent amount of time trying to convince herself that there are no feelings left to rekindle.

To be honest, I was hoping for a bit more of pining from one or the both of them – I wanted them to not have been able to stop thinking about each other over the years, or waiting to run into each other again.  I was honestly hope that Beck had come there for the express purpose of winning her back.  In this case they both went their separate ways and simply hadn’t found anyone else during that time period.  I was a bit unimpressed that it took Beck a few minutes to figure out who she was and even then, he had trouble remembering the details.  If she was so important to him then, you would think he would have remembered her a little more clearly.  Granted, he had a lot going on in the past that excuses his behavior somewhat, but that just turned me off a bit (but that’s my own personal preference).  Other than that, it’s a really well done romance about two people who manage to fall in love all over again – and the obstacles they overcome to get there.  Recommended read.

Rate:  B



  1. patoct

    Sounds like a cute story.

  2. marcyshuler

    It does sound cute, but like the reviewer, I’d hope that the guy would’ve remembered the girl better if the book is about him trying to get her back. It’s probably not a book I’ll actively seek out.

  3. Gmapeony

    I agree with Marcy but since it does sound cute, may give it a try.


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