Play of Passion

Play of Passion

Psy/Changeling Series bk 9

Nalini Singh

Nalini does it again with a stellar story. As the world that she has created grows with new characters (we finally get to meet all the SnowDancer Lieutenants), and  the war that is coming with the PSY gets more intriguing were you almost want more of that than the love story, but not to much, but definitely unable to put the book down until you have read every single page and want much more of the story.

In his position as tracker for the SnowDancer pack, it’s up to Drew Kincaid to rein in rogue changelings who have lost control of their animal halves—even if it means killing those who have gone too far. But nothing in his life has prepared him for the battle he must now wage to win the heart of a woman who makes his body ignite…and who threatens to enslave his wolf.

Lieutenant Indigo Riviere doesn’t easily allow skin privileges, especially of the sensual kind—and the last person she expects to find herself craving is the most wickedly playful male in the den. Everything she knows tells her to pull back before the flames burn them both to ash…but she hasn’t counted on Drew’s will.


Now, two of SnowDancer’s most stubborn wolves find themselves playing a hot, sexy game even as lethal danger stalks the very place they call home…

Drew and Indigo are amazing characters that we have gotten to see in past books, we have always known that Indigo is a SnowDancer lieutenant and dominant wolf, but we haven’t know much about Drew, and all that changes as get to know more about these two characters. We also get to know more about those damn wolves and what happened in the past when Drew’s parents were killed.

One of the things that keeps us coming back for more is the coming war and the fall of silence, oh yeah and that upcoming story with Hawke and Sienna, and let me tell you that the scenes with these two in it are amazing and I am now counting down the months and days till we get their story.

The twist and turns that happen in this book definitely surprised me on some levels and not so much on other levels. I will say this though that something that happens at the end of the book completely surprised me and left me wanting more.

If you have never picked up a book in this series I highly recommend that you do, and if you a rapid fan of this series like I am (yes I even had a fan girl moment when I met Nalini in person) than this book will definitely not disappoint you.

If you are a fan of this series who are your fave couples and who are looking to know more about? If you haven’t yet read this series, than what do you look for in your paranormals and who are some of your fave authors? One lucky commentator will win a copy of this book. Open to US and Canada only.



Grade: A



  1. Eithne O'Hanlon

    I am a huge fan of this series! I think I was the first of my book reading gang to read them and now they be all hooked!

    I think with paranormal books in general the storyline has to be competent and basically flawless with no holes. Coz I read a lot of fantasy books and generally dump 50% by half way through storyline holes. Same with this genre. This is the only series I have followed through with to the current releases!

    Nalini’s series has no holes and its so original that its just fantastic! Like there could be but she has all the bases covered!

    Right better go do some work! 😀

  2. Scorpio M.

    I have not started this series yet but I do own book 1. I hear great things. What I look for in paranormals is relatability. World building is great but I need it be familiar enough for me to care about the characters.

  3. Tracy L.

    I love this series, so count me in!!! 🙂 Both of Nalini’s series are my favs. I always go back and forth as to whether I like The Guild or Psy-Changeling more. My favorite couple is Hawke and Sienna (even though they aren’t “official” yet)! I’ve been dying for their story since practically the beginning. Brenna and Judd are my second favorite couple. I want to know the most about Hawke – such as the full story of his past – and Sienna – such as what exactly is an X-Psy. I also want to know about what all happened when they first met and what happened in CBI when Sienna left Hawke’s office very upset (and the door slammed), ect. I’m hoping Nalini does some flashbacks in Kiss of Snow.

  4. Heather-admin

    Tracy- I can tell you that if Hawke and Sienna are your fave couple than you will absolutely love this book. The scenes between the two of them are AMAZING!!!
    I love the cats, but so far my fave books have been the wolves. I do know that she is planning on writing 3 books where the hero is a psy ( I am hoping for Vasic and Katie or at Babbling for books is hoping for Kaleb) and she is going to write about the falcons.
    I put off reading the Guild-Hunter books till last month and I love them. I am hoping that she write the Seven’s books.

    Scorpio M- You HAVE to read this series. If you have the first book put down whatever else you are reading and read this series. It is probably my fave series.

    Eithne- Aren’t they great. I only wish we didn’t have to wait till July for the next one.

  5. Erin E.

    I am counting down the hours till I can get my hands on this book, love Andrew and Indigo from the previous ones and so excited to get a closer look at the den! I am also stalking Nalini’s website for snippets! This is one of my absolutely favorite series and I will probably camp out the night before for Kiss of Snow. (Husband and son might have issues with that, but at least I will be at Borders when the doors open!)

  6. Ruby

    I think it would be too hard to pick a favorite couple. I definitely would like to see more of Mercy and Riley–and to see what kind of changeling their children will be. I also love that we keep getting to see Sascha and Lucas. Of course, if Hawke’s heroine is who I hope it is, I’m pretty sure they’ll end up being my favorite couple–by far.

  7. Carolyn

    I LOVE Nalini Singh’s psy-changeling series. My favorite couples are Judd/Brenna and Riley/Mercy (although Dorian and Ashaya are definitely up there in my favorites too). I can’t wait to learn more about Kaleb (is he the ghost??) and Hawke/Sienna – I especially want to know exactly what the X Psy designation is! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Abby

    Oh my gosh! I AM SO EXCITED! As I was reading this review I was freaking out!!! I am counting down the days til I can go pick up Play of Passion, all the teasers I have read have just made me want this book SO bad! I know it’s going to be awesome, and now I have to wait for FOREVER til Hawke and Sienna’s book comes out, I’m freaking out about that too 8D Great review, has me chomping at the bit for Play of Passion!

  9. Sya

    I’d have to say that the Psy-Changeling series is one of the few paranormal series that I follow almost religiously. My favorite character would probably be Kaleb because he’s so mysterious and ambiguous–I totally want to know what he’s up to. As for favorite couple, Judd and Brenna. 🙂

  10. Shannon C

    I absolutely LOVE Nalini Singh and her Psy/Changeling Series! She is definitely one of my favorite authors of all time and I have read everything she has written in this series! My favorite couples have to be:

    Brenna and Judd
    Tammy and Nate
    Sofia and Max

    (I do love them all but these top 3 are my absolute faves!)

    I am DEFINITELY a Hawke fan! *swoon* I have loved that wolf since Slave to Sensation. There is just something about a tortured male that I just love, and it really helps that he is animalistic to boot, LOL!

  11. Tatjana

    My favorite couple are Sascha and Lucas (can’t wait to read about their baby!), followed very closely by Mercy and Riley.

    I am probably the only person who doesn’t care about Sienna and Hawke very much…

  12. Anna

    I love the Psy/Changeling & Guild Hunter series! My favorite couple is Clay and Talin from Mine to Possess. Talin is the most emotionally layered trauma victim I’ve ever read about in this genre. Will “Boy Wonder” ever introduce Tally to some ice cold water? LOL Now that’s just mean. he he Love Mercy and Riley too!

    I’m looking forward to learning more about Sienna, her Psy powers, and her volatile relationship with Hawke. Then there is Nikita and her role in the scheme of things. What about Kaleb Krychek? I’m intrigued. How about those Arrows?!!!

  13. Edna

    Thanks for the wondeful review! I adore this series to pieces. I’m glad to hear this was a good one.

    Only considering the books that are released, my favorite couples are Judd and Brenna and Riley and Mercy. I’m a big fan of the SnowDancers so I’m extra excited for these next two books in the series. Not only am I a fan of the romances, I do love the Psy politics and everything going on with Silence. I hope there’s more with Kaleb and the rogue Arrows because they’re quite intriguing. Not to mention the Ghost and Judd. Judd has such great connections. I always love when he pops up in books. I know I’m naming off a lot but I also really like the younger generation like Kit, the twins, Jon, Noor, etc. They’re sweet and a lot of fun.

  14. Barbara

    I can’t wait for this book! Can’t wait to see the Hawke and Sienna scenes 😀

  15. Susan J

    Love this series! Mercy and Riley are my favorite couple so far – although Dorian and Ashaya and Brenna/Judd are a close seconds. Cannot wait to learn more about Drew and Indigo and thanks for letting me know that there’s some good Hawke/Sienna scenes to look forward to.

  16. Julie

    My favorite couple are Clay and Tally–there’s so much history between them, and the tension! Whoo boy. Like everybody else, I’m impatiently waiting for Hawke’s story, and finally figure out what the heck the X designation is. Maybe not like everybody else, I really want to know Sing-Liu’s story; I don’t know why I’m so fond of her, but I love reading all the tidbits on her Nalini throws our way!

  17. Alison

    Here via Nalini’s twitter. I love this whole series. Can’t wait to read this and Hawke’s story. I would also love to know more about Tammy.

  18. Ali

    My all time favourite couple has to be Sascha and Lucas, they’ve just been so fantastic from the beginning and I feel that their relationship is just soooo great. But I CAN’TCAN’TWAIT for Hawke’s book. It’s going to be soooo good. Play of Passion is going to be amazing too, I can feel it.

    I actually started reading the Guild Hunter series first and fell utterly in love and was desperate for more, then found out she wrote the psy/changeling series too. Now I have my own chart to keep up with all the different Net’s and couples!

    God I love books.

  19. ruby kaur

    I LOVE Brenna and her sexy Psy Judd Lauren. I mean COME ON…Caressed By Ice….by far my favorite book in the entire series. What makes this couple so great is the intense psyhcological tension between them and how they gradually overcome their fears. Its the sexiest book I’ve ever read…actually Judd Lauren is the sexiest PSY/MAN EVER. I wanna know more about Kaleb…his intensity and mysterious wanderings are so HOT. We know nothing about him, except a few bits of information but…sigh. He just SOUNDS/LOOKS incredible. Plus he sounds russian. HOT. And I would like to learn more about Hawke. His whole character is just incredible. He’s this strong alpha male who takes care of his pack despite having the tragedy of losing someone important. (*going through that everyday, seeing all his pack members share this mating bond…that must kill him inside*) I would love to learn more about Kaleb and Hawke. (and maybe Emmett…*Burning Up Anthology*) Damn…theres a lot of ppl I wanna know more about…OH! And Faith’s dad….oh crap…I might as well stop before I give u an entire list..

    BTW, when this book says “Mail (hidden)” do u mean e-mail mail or mailing address…cause I just put my e-mail?

    – Rubyy

  20. Missy_G

    I love them all, but my favorites are Brenna/ Judd, Riley/Mercy and Tammy/Nate!! I cannot wait to find more out about Hawk but I am also looking forward to more about the “younger’ members of the pack.

  21. Beatrice D

    I LOVE this series. I’m sorry but I just can’t decide on which couple is my favorite. There’s something about every character that I fall in love with. This series by Ms. Nalini Singh, is awesome!!! I reread all her books especially when a new book is about to come out (or just for the heck of it) so I have the world and the characters in my mind and I’m ready for the next story. Ms. Singh’s books sit in a bookcase next to my bed, within easily hand reach. I can’t wait to add Indigo and Drew’s story to my bookcase well after I read it, over and over again, 🙂

  22. Stephanie McCarthy

    I love all of the books in this series and cannot pick just one couple. I cannot wait to read this book and see what happens with Hawke in Kiss of Snow when it comes out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Beth

    I’ve loved seeing everyone’s favorite couples. I think it is truly a testament to Ms. Singh that our tastes are so varied–she has yet to write a bad couple. If I HAD to choose, I’d say Riley and Mercy. I love how Mercy can take care of herself, and I love how Riley tries hard to let her. I can’t wait to add Indigo and Drew’s story to the mix!

  24. barbaritav

    I love”Slave to Sensation” and “Branded by Fire” they are both great books. Two strongs heroes and two very strong females. these books are hot and passionate. I love every book in this series but those two are at the top of my list.
    Thanks for the little spoiler of Hawke and Sienna, I can’t wait to read their book. I can see that book hitting at the very top of the USA best sellers.

  25. Angela

    Love this entire series, so hard to pick a favorite. My first love would have to be Slave to Sensation though. I re-read that constantly. But Caressed by Ice, Branded by Fire and Bonds of Justice all are right up there as well!

  26. Deanne

    I loved all of the books thet truly are an addiction. I have to say I love Riley and Mercy their chemistry was tangible as well as Sasha and Lucas. Most surprised by Max and Sofia I have no idea what my expectations were but I was not expecting the stoy to be so compelling as the others. I was wrong!
    I am am looking forward to all up coming books in this series, Nalini Singh has proven she can captivate and addict her readers.

  27. ChrisG

    I love this series, and my favorite couple is Judd Lauren and Brenna Kincaid–there was just something about them that was incredibly special. As to who I’m looking forward to, it’s definitely Hawke and Sienna. They’re both incredible people who really need something, badly, and I can’t wait for each of them to find it. Oh, I really hope I win!

  28. Ann

    I have to agree about this series. I’ve read each book and haven’t been disappointed yet. There have been a lot of series that I’ve stopped because I’ve gotten bored or tired of the storyline but I haven’t yet. Lol


  29. Erika R

    I love Judd and Brenna! He is definitely my favorite leading man so far, but I am excited for Hawke’s book. Also, I want to know more about Kit and Johnny D, hopefully in the second arc.

  30. Mary Frazier

    My fav characters from her books are, Sascha and Lucas, And Brenna and Judd.
    I can’t wait till hawke’s Story. But i also really want to read indigo’s story i can’t wait to read it.

  31. Kitara

    I love this series and my favorite pair would have to be Judd and Brenna followed closely by Sascha and Lucas.

    Looking forward to Indigo and Drew. (And Hawke and Sienna of course. That one should be explosive.)

  32. Tasha B

    I’m a huge fan! I have all the books and i have the books from her other series too. I really want to win this book to add to my collection and enjoy reading it with a good cup of cappichino.

    The couple i want to know more about is Hawk and Sienna because neither of them have had much time in the books to delve into the pasts they have.

  33. maritza m.

    My favorite characters: very hard to pick but I really like Talin and wonderboy. I know they are not a couple but I really like the character development.
    Which story am I looking forward to….. other then “that damn wolf”. I’d have to say Mrs. Duncan’s. I donno if she’s getting one or not but I wanna know more about her.
    P.s. please enroll me into the raffle 🙂

  34. Rose

    My favs are Brenna and Judd – both are so strong and their stories so vivid and interesting. I also CAN’T WAIT for Hawke and Sienna’s book!

  35. Ana Rodriguez

    Thank you so much for the contest! Yay. I gotta say I love them all, but I will go with Sasha and Lucas. I picked up the series right when it began years ago, so Slave to Sensation will always be very special to me.

    I can’t wait to find out more about Hawke and Sienna! I’m pretty sure now (crossing my fingers we don’t get an upset) that they are going to be together. =)

  36. Elena

    Wow!WOHO!WOHO! This review, totally got me wanting more and more and more of Nalini Singh’s books! Aah I seriously can’t wait for this book! I am really excited for it, i do like Indy 😛 and Drew but *guilty look* i am like a lost puppy when it comes to Hawke & Sienna!Wee, and you just mentioned more scenes with them! Well that = me hypervalanting *drolling for Hawke aside :D* Sooo excited thank you so much for this awesome review!GAAAAHHHH!

  37. Kim Miller

    I love love love this series! I am so glad Heather introduced me to Nalini and the Psy world!

  38. Shannon

    I’ve been a die-hard Hawke and Sienna fan from the very beginning! I love, love, LOVE how Sienna and Hawke get under each other’s skin in a way others can’t. I look for interactions between the two of them in every one of Nalini’s books – and then read the scenes over and over when I find them! I’m also a huge fan of Judd and Brenna – Brenna with her warm heart and will of iron, and Judd’s dangerous and sexy persona…loved their story!

    I can’t say enough about the amazing world and characters Nalini has created. Every single one of my Psy-Changeling books are worn and dog-eared from multiple readings…and turning down the corners to mark of all my favorite scenes! I’m also guilty of keeping a unread set of books safely stashed away to make sure I always have them. :p Yes, I know, I’m obsessed. I just love this series!!

    I also love Kresley Cole’s Immortal After Dark series (my fave couple is Mariketa and Bowen!), the Guild Hunter novels by Nalini, the early books of the Dark Ones series by Katie MacAlister, and Larissa Ione’s Demonica series (I’m looking forward to her spinoff books too!).

    I can’t wait for Play of Passion – the release date is “only” 2 weeks away, and I’m going crazy with anticipation. I’m going to be seriously insane at the prospect of waiting over half a year for Hawke’s book in 2011!! 😛

  39. Himeko

    I loved Dorian’s book and Sascha and Lucas’, and I can’t wait for Hawke and Sienna. I love Nalini. I keep going to the book store hoping they put Play of Passion out early. 🙂

  40. Amy

    Thank you for this review; I can’t wait for the release of this book! By your comments, I take it that Nalini is further developing the Hawk-Sienna tie? I’m a bit worried that I’ll buy too much into them as a couple, and then end up being terribly disappointed that Nalini ends up having different partners for each of them the way some other authors had done with long awaited pairings (like Suzanne Brockmann).

  41. Heather-admin

    Judd has got to be the sexiest psy around. From the moment I first read about him in Slave to Sensation I l loved him. Brenna is one of my favorite heroines. Seeing that so many of you loved them as well is awesome. I do have to say that my favorite Judd scenes are with him and the kids.

    If you are wanting more Hawke and Sienna than this book will give it to you.

    The psy I want to know more about is Vasic. I think he is going to be one of the psy hero books.

  42. Jaclyn

    My favorite couple so far in the series is Faith and Vaughn from Visions of Heat – the tenderness Vaughn displayed, as well as his patience, and persistence, in pursuing Faith, always go straight to my heart. Of course, Nalini Singh has kept us on our toes, teasing us with glimpses of Hawke and Sienna, merely whetting my appetite for more, but I most want to see Kaleb get a book. His position on the Psy Council and the many shady dealings he is involved in are just begging to be revealed as a grand master plan for the good guys!

  43. Nikki

    Nalini Singh is a world builder along the lines of Andre Norton. She doesn’t just write these wonderful characters that you fall in love with and root for, she has created a world where all these fantastic things happen…and yet you believe them because all the details fit. She caught me with her first PsyChangling story and Lucas and Sascha remain my faves even though I have loved all the books in the series.

    I would say the characters I’m really interested in the most right now are Hawke and Sienna but I’m also interested in Kaleb. I find myself wondering about where he really stands.

    Honestly, as long as she keeps dreaming up the stories, I’m there. A thousand wouldn’t be too many. LOL I love each book that comes out and reread her stuff frequently. She’s the best.

    What I look for in any story are strong characters, humor, darkness, real emotions and realistic dialogue. If the characters can come alive, you can sometimes overlook a so so plot. I like the good vs evil battles. And I love each new take on some mythical creature.

    I read Jacqueline Frank, Angela Knight, Kresley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, Susan Sizemore and others. I started out with mostly vampires but have since branched out to shifter and witches and other things. I love that in fantasy, all things are possible.


  44. Pam P

    My favorite couple is Brenna and Judd. Like everyone else, have long been waiting for Hawke’s book. But it’s not just the romance aspect, it’s the plot and wonderful plot that keeps me intrigued. I’m interested to see how Kaleb fits in with everything with his plans, and I also think there’s more to be seen to Nikita’s motivations. My top favorite series!

  45. sweets

    I have to say Sasha and Lucus, they started it all. Although, I’m really looking forward to Hawke and Sienna’s book. I think I’d just cry if their book wasn’t all that I hoped it would be. There is sooo much buildup for it.

  46. Carol

    I love this series! My favorite couples are Sasha and Lucas and then Mercy and Riley! I’m really looking forward to reading more about Indigo and Drew. Thanks for the teaser about Hawke and Sienna, counting down to their book as well.

  47. Shannon

    @Heather – I totally agree! I love when Ben hides behind Judd because he doesn’t want to take a bath and Judd totally plays along! I cracked up when he said, “Are you sure you’re a wolf? You sound more like a parrot to me!” So sweet! 😀

  48. Shiuli

    Sasha and Lucas all the way but i love the others equally too, I can’t wait for Hawke and Sienna’s book.

  49. Lisa

    I actually have 2 fave couples – Clay and Talin (only Clay can call her Tally) and Lucas and Sascha. I can’t wait to find out what the sex of the baby is. I hope it’s a little girl so Lucas will have to use that wool cap that Hawke gave them. I do want to learn more about Sienna’s power. It was never confirmed (or denied) that she is one of the few X-Psy. If she is then she will need a strong male to help her and they don’t get much stronger than Hawke in the den. Please include me in the drawing.

  50. Erin E.

    I forgot to tell my favorite couples! I love Lucas/Sasha, Judd/Brenna, and Mercy/Riley. I like. The rest too, but those are the books I constantly re-read!

  51. Roswitha

    My favorite couple is Lucas and Sasha…but I think Indigo and Drew will be also a favorite couple of mine.

  52. Lindsey Ekland

    I have read and loved all the books in this series. I love each of the couples when I am reading the book and so do not have a favorite though I am waiting for Hawke’s story.

  53. Rebecca W.

    This is one of my very favorite series (the guild hunter series is also one of my very favorites, so I’m a Nalini fan, big time) and I love all the couples in it so it’s really hard to pick a favorite.

    I love Nate and Tammy (theirs is an enduring love and they are almost like the mom-and-dad relationship that the other couples look to). I enjoyed the short story featuring them. Sasha and Lucas are growing into that role now that they are together and especially since Lucas is the cats’ alpha, but even they still look to Nate and Tammy as role models and as one of the bedrock centers of pack life. I’m really tempted to pick Nate and Tammy as my favorite couple, but I can’t.

    I love Sasha and Lucas, of COURSE, who doesn’t? And they started the whole love story between this wonderful series and me, so it’s really tempting to pick them as my favorite. And yet, I can’t.

    I LOVE how Brenna, even so battered and hurt, was warm enough to thaw Judd’s icy Silence. I loved their book so much and I thought that was a really interesting relationship, they are definitely ONE of my favorite couples, but not my very favorite, which is…

    For my absolute favorite couple, I’m going to have to pick Mercy and Riley. I loved loved loved their book and I find the dynamic between them warm but also really funny in spots. I especially loved how Drew was so nosy and was tormenting Riley, trying to figure out who he was seeing. Those scenes as well as the scenes with Mercy’s family make me especially love this book and this couple.

    Now even having picked a favorite, I’m second-guessing myself. I really do love ALL these books and I’ve read them all over and over again. I have to reread them all in a few weeks so that I’ll be ready to read the newest one right after I get finished with all the stories before it.

    Happy Reading!

  54. Ginny

    Oh shit! I’m so jealous that you got to read it already!!! I LOVE NALINI’S BOOKS. I just can’t WAIT to read more, especially if there’s a lot of Hawke/Sienna going on… ARGH! Want this book. Want. Want. (lol, anyone read Bayou Moon? I’m acting like Lord BillxD)

    I heard about the giveaway of the ARC? where can I enter??

  55. Khris

    L-O-V-E the series. First pnr book I ever read was MtP and she had me hooked, reading the first 3 books, and impatiently waiting for more. For me, it’s all about Judd and Brenna! Fave book of the series. As per what’s to come, counting down to Hawke and Sienna with a nice pit stop for PoP. Count me in for the book giveaway!!!

  56. Lisa D

    I have read the series but need to catch up on last 2 books. My favorite couple is Riley and Mercy. One of the best series I have ever read. Thanks Nalini for sharing your talent.

  57. qu3en8

    I fell in love with this series, when I found one of her short stories in an anthology. I loved her writing style and characters she created and looked her up and read everything she ever wrote that I could find. I can’t wit until Play of Passions comes so I can read more about the Snow Dancers and Indigo and Drew

  58. Sheree

    My favorite couple is Lucas and Sasha. Every single book that came after that first one, I look for their names with great anticipation. Seeing how they are doing, how they are growing and evolving. Now how their child will be like. I love them so much. The character that I want to read the most about now is, of course, is Hawke! I can’t wait for his book to come out!

  59. TracyW

    I love the Psy-Changeling series and the Guild Hunter seies. Nalini is a great writer. I can’t wait for Play of Passion and all of her other upcoming books!

  60. PurpleBudderfly

    My favourite couple : Sascha and Lucas!You can really see that they are soulmates and meant to be with each other. For me they are the strongest couple of all… and I´m always happy when they appear 🙂
    Second place: Riley and Mercy!They are just freakin´hot together!

  61. PurpleBudderfly

    Forgot to mention: Do not enter me in the contest!I live in germany 😉

  62. Jeanne

    My favorite couple are Judd and Brenna in CBI. I would like to know more about the ghost who is he and why he is working against his own people.

  63. CrystalGB

    My favorite couples are Mercy and Riley and Lucas and Sascha. I love this series.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  64. Diane

    I love the series and couldn’t pick a favorite. Each time a new story comes out this new couple becomes my favorite. I only wish we had more psi-changelings!

  65. azteclady

    My favorite couples are Lucas and Sasha and Brenna and Judd, pretty much equally–but honestly, I’ve enjoyed all of them so much, I have reread the entire series several times (right now I’m just finishing the latest reread, half way through Bonds of Justice, in preparation for the release of Play of Passion).

  66. Jenny Schwartzberg

    I love Nalini’s books, all of them though the Psy/Changeling series may have the edge over the GuildHunters. Of all the couples I think Judd and Brenna are my favorite but everyone is so wonderful! I can hardly wait to read Play of Passion, and Archangel’s Consort in a few months!!!

  67. Tammy S

    Like the other I LOVE Nalini’s books. I like all the couples so far but I really want Drew’s story and Hawke’s stories.

  68. Mic

    The Psy-Changeling books have been among the most consistently well-written series I’ve run into. When a series gets to six or seven books, it seems to be really difficult for authors to keep things fresh and true to the world they’ve created.
    Nalini Singh has been able to maintain that razor balance.

    All the couples have been so fun to read about, but right now, I’d have to say Mercy and Riley by a nose.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  69. Dana

    My favorite so far are Clay and Talin. But it was a hard contest as all her couples are great in their own very unique way. Can’t wait for this book….

  70. Tiona

    Wow! Now I really can’t wait to read tihs one! Nalini posted an excerpt from the book a little while back and the chemistry between these two is top-notch scorcher!
    OOOh, can’t wait to see more of Hawke and Sienna! I just know their story is next. Ok, we know Hawke’s story is next, although Nalini hasn’t revealed who the heroine is, and I just know it’s gotta be Sienna!
    Can’t wait!

  71. Tiona

    Oh, almost forgot about fave couple….Hmm, well, that would probably be Judd and Brenna! Ok, maybe it’s just Judd, hehe. Love him!

  72. Heather-admin

    I have to say that when I posted this review and the giveaway I didn’t think we would have so many comments. I am so glad that so many people love this series as much as I do.

    Like some of the other commentators I think we all have just assumed that Sienna is going to be Hawke’s heroine, especially after reading PoP.

  73. farmwifetwo

    Hawke and Sienna’s book I could care less about. With all of Nalini’s “secrecy” it has a Suz B DON feel and since that mess I have never been able to read another. Also, the man is in his mid 30’s and by KOS she’ll be 21. Every book up to this pt in time they’ve treated her as a child… she’s acted like a child…. I just have no sympathy for her character at all. If POP doesn’t give me some reason to become sympathetic, some major maturing and training of her designation goes on…. I’ll probably pass on KOS and wait until the next series’ come out.

    Definately not buying it in h/c. Will request it from the library.

  74. Christina G

    I am a rabid fan of the series! I am so jealous you met Nalini, I would have a big fan girl moment too 🙂 My fave couple from the ones who have had books is Clay and Tally. I adore them! Brenna/Judd, Max/Sophia are also great.

    And the people (have-to-be-a-couple) I am most looking forward too are Hawke and Sienna. And Kaleb 🙂

    *fingers crossed for the win*

  75. Jacinthe

    My favorite couples are:
    Nathan and Tamsyn because they are so comfortable together, they give an idea of a long mating

    For almost the same reason I like Clay and Talin (also I liked seeing interaction with Human/Changeling in a mating)

    I am looking forward to Hawke’s book and I am sure I will enjoy it thoroughly.

  76. Heather-admin

    @farmwifetwo I had some of the same concerns as you, however I trust that Nalini will make it all work. There are a couple of scenes in PoP that will change your mind about them.

  77. lia

    oo, my favorite couple so far has been Mercy and Riley… I love the “strong” females, and can’t wait to read about Indigo. As for the person I want to know more about… Vasic! he’s got something to do with the rebellion, I’m sure… but I don’t know what yet. Kaleb is also another mystery character, but I always considered him a “bad guy” til Bonds of Justice…

  78. Christine S

    While I love Judd and absolutely adore Dorian, my favorite couple so far has been Riley and Mercy. I’m hoping Riley’s brother Drew will be just as entertaining! I’m waiting (very impatiently) for Hawke’s book and have become very intrigued by Kaleb over the last few books.

  79. Heather-admin

    @lia when I asked Nalini about him she sent a message saying that she has plans for him. He is the one psy I want to know more about. I am like you and think he is very important to the rebellion. He is the psy that took the dr to dorian when he was shot.

  80. Lindlee

    Brenna and Judd are my favorite couple, with Ashaya and Dorian a close second. I just keep coming back their stories over and over again. Can’t wait to read Drew and Indigo’s story!!

  81. Cathy M

    After reading the first book, I enhaled this series. Have a soft spot for Lucas and Sascha since they were my first couple. I am a huge shifter fan and the changeling storylines probably edge out the psy by a nano second. Love Nalini’s angel series too, her storytelling just really works for me.

  82. becky jean

    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this series and I can not wait to get this book! My fav couple still has to be Luke and Sacha though – they hold a piece of my heart. I do love reading about Tammy and her cubs also though 🙂

  83. Melissa W.

    Totally love this series and all things Nalini!
    My favorite couple have got to be Dorian and Shaya then Riley and Mercy so I can’t wait to read more about Drew!

  84. kylie

    Hawke is certainly my favorite character; and I am so hoping that his HEA is that certain X-designated Psy. Thanks for letting us in on all the tidbits of PoP. I’m am extremely excited that we’ll get to see more of Hawke & Sienna. Happy times!

  85. Lissa

    I love all of the couples but my faves are Lucas & Sascha, Dorian & Shaya and Riley & Mercy. Want to hear more about Lucas & Sascha’s baby – Psy and Leopard Changeling.

  86. Melinda

    Oh wow! I cannot wait for this book to come out!

  87. Ashley Gregory

    I recently found this book series and I am in love with it! I cannot wait for “Play of Passion” and soon “Kiss of Snow”!!! I have to say that I am really really really looking forward to Hawk’s book. It will probably be my new favorite once I read it. Up til now my favorite has been Dorian and Ashaya, “Hostage to Pleasure.” Can’t wait to read this next one!!

  88. Tiffany M.

    My favorite couple is Faith and Vaughn. My favorite hero is Judd, and my favorite heroine is Talin. I am definitely looking forward to learning more about Kaleb and the other Psy who can teleport.

    I am actually looking forward to more of the novellas, too. ^^

  89. S. York

    I cannot wait for this book! I’m in Afghanistan working with the troops and my one true release and escape is reading Nalini’s books and those of a few other golden authors. I’m so glad your gave it an A review and I’m totally excited to have it in my hands!

  90. Tiffany B

    My fave couple is Lucas and Sascha. I’m old school, I guess. I am intrugued by Kaleb and Vasic. What are they up to?

  91. Chu

    Riley & Mercy are my best favorite couple, folowing by Judd couple.

  92. Heather

    Hard question! Probably Judd & Brenna, especially with the little bits of Judd we’ve been seeing in recent books. But can’t wait for Hawke/Sienna. And the possible Psy heros…

  93. Patty

    I also find this a hard question to answer because this series is one of my favorite. But I would have to go with Clay and Talin, I have read their story many times and it just gets better. And as with most people, I CANNOT wait for Hawke’s book!

  94. michelle

    My favorite couple in the psy/Changeling series? Men thats really hard to pick only one because I have three and all for various reasons. Brenna and Judd( my favorite book in the series) I loved the progression of their relationship and how even though Judd got his HEA , he didn’t lose that dangerous aura about him. Then there’s Dorian and Ashaya I love how strong she was and that she wasn’t a pushover and how Dorian was tornabout hating the PSY and then falling in love with one. And finally there is Riley and Mercy, that’s one that I didn’t see coming but was very happy because Rileyis the good guy,the kind that never gets the wildly hot girl but, he does and you have cheer for him. It’s actually not suprising that to me that these are my favorite books because Judd, Dorian, Riley and Hawke were the characters that intrigued me the most. As for the book that I can’t want for…..HAWKE’s book ( crossing my fingers that Sienna is his mate) because he’s so mysertious. I feel like he and Sienna belong together and that all the books that they interacted with other was foreplay. Can’t wait. Please enter me for this contest.

  95. AdA

    Favorite Couples are Judd and Brenna in CbI; and Clay and Talin in MtP

    I really want to know if Teijan, the Rat Alpha would have his own HEA. And what about Walker?

    Love the series. Am eagerly anticipating the release of Play of Passion on November 2nd.

  96. Heather-admin

    @S. York – Thank you for doing what you are doing for our soldiers.

    @Ada – If I remember right from a conversation I had with her, she has plans for Walker. In my personal opinion the three psy that will be the heros will be Kaleb, Vasic and Walker. Never really thought about Teijan getting a story.

  97. Sarah

    I am looking forward to reading Hawke and Sienna’s story!

    I enjoyed Tamysn and Nate’s story and enjoy reading bits and pieces about them/their children as other couples’ stories unfold.

  98. Piyush

    My favorite couple is Riley and Mercy followed closely by Hawke and Sienna. Can’t wait to read Andrew and Indigo’s story though 🙂

  99. Las

    My favorite couple is Mercy and Riley, followed very closely by Dorian and Ashaya. I’m dying to know more about Kaleb, of course, and Nikita. I’m not looking for her to have her own story but I’m absolutely fascinated by her and I’d love to really get to know here and her motivations. I’d also love to read more about Walker. I want to know more about Sienna and Hawke, too, since I love both characters, but, *runs for cover* I’m less then thrilled that they’ll be together. Looking forward to being proved wrong. 😉

    I can’t wait for Play of Passion. I’ve been going crazy for it ever since reading the excerpt at the end of Bonds of Justice.

  100. Annie

    Love Tally and Clay!

  101. Emily

    I have become a huge fan. I started in the middle and had to go back and collect them all. It is driving me crazy having to wait. I have reread all the books atleast 3 time some more.
    My favortite couple is Mercy & Riley. I love their chemisty and the idea of what their kids might be. I hope there will be many many more stories with this series as well as Elena/Raphael

  102. Cin

    I love Sasha and Lucas, but my favorite stories tend to involve the changeling/changeling couples — Mercy and Riley are awesome! Can’t wait for Indigo and Drew’s story. I am also really interested to see Hawke and Sienna’s story… Sienna already is a lot different than the “typical” female Psy. Really wonder how Nalini gets around Hawke’s “only-one-mate-for-life-who-died-young” dilemma. 🙂

  103. Iswari

    I still love the first one in this series the best. It just set the tone for the following books and it is so neat to see Lucas and Sascha throughout all of them. I cannot wait to see of what POP has in store! A few of my favorites are Nalini (of course!), Meljean Brook and Joey W. Hill.

  104. Helen Gonzalez


    Thanks for the heads up!!!! I have also been a Nalini fan girl, and I am absolutely can NOT wait until her next book comes out! Always! I am soooo excited for Hawke’s story!!!! I can not wait until next year, and I don’t care if it is in hardcover!!! Its just twice for me to love him!!! And Sienna…. I get so entrenched in the lives of some characters that it almost seems real… kinda creepy…. but Nalini is amazing… soooo…. Kudos!!! Its great when an author can make characters feel alive.

    Here are your ?’s:

    If you are a fan of this series who are your fave couples and who are looking to know more about? If you haven’t yet read this series, than what do you look for in your paranormals and who are some of your fave authors?

    -Fave couples: I love them all but Sascha and Lucas are still up there. Definitely can not wait for Hawke’s and Sienna’s story!!!

    -I look for a world that appeals to me… sometimes its vampires… shapeshifters/ werewolves… witches… pretty much anything as long as I am in the mood for it.

    -Fave authors: Too many ….but here goes… Nalini, Gena Showalter, Christine Feehan, Sherillyn Kenyon, Lora Leigh, Iris Johansen-mostly her old Loveswept line same for; Kay Hooper, Kaitlyn O’connor, Michelle M. Pillow, etc.

    And a shout out for Patricia Wilson she did some old Harlequin Presents Bride of Diaz and The Ortiga Marriage which have some supremely hot alpha males from the 80’s! Hey I had to get started somewhere!! ;>!!!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!!!

    Helen G.

  105. WordSpinner

    I’m counting down the days until Play comes out. I love Nalini Singh–I’m a sucker for the tropes of paranormal romance, but most paranormal series I’ve read have trouble keeping the story arc up, but that’s not been a problem for the Psy-Changling series. OMG, that council scene at the end of Bonds of Justice? Wow.

    My fave couple is Dorian and Ashaya, followed by Brenna and Judd and Riley and Mercy. The two characters who I really think should get their own stories are Walker and Kaleb (we might actually get answers if Kaleb shows up as a main character…) Oh, and also Vasic (hmmm… I’m sensing a theme here).

  106. Tasha B

    I’ve already commented but i was wondering when the contest ends?

  107. Melanie - Admin

    Winners for all 3 giveaways – Stephanie Laurens, Nalini Singh, Lori Wilde – will be posted Saturday.

  108. Audrey

    Hands down, I have to say that Judd and Brenna are my fave couple in Nalini’s series. The sheer character development is amazing and she did it without losing herself in it or giving the other subplots short shrift. Other than Nalini, the authors I keep up with include: Christine Feehan’s “Dark” and Game” series; Laurell Hamilton’s “Anita Blake”; Charlaine Harris’ “Sookie” and “Grave” series; Patricia Briggs’ “Alpha and Omega”( Anna and Brenna would probably be BFFs); and Robb’s “In Death”. I also keep an eye out for the newbies. The latest really g-o-o-d series I have read is Nancy Gidoen’s “Midinight” books.

  109. Crystal Posey

    No doubt Sascha and Lucas, because they were the first. I will always, always love them. However, I feel like Hawk and Sienna are going to blow the series out of the water.

    I’ve been looking forward to Hawk’s book since book one. Singh nailed his character so well that he stole my heart right away. I love, love, love him. I feel like his book is going to be one that I will read many times over.

    The best thing is, ALL these characters are fabulous. Normally, I find only one couple in a series that I love enough to reread, but not the psy/changeling books. I’ve reread them all! In fact this makes me want to go read them for a third round!

  110. Rita S.

    My favorite couple is a tie between Dorian/Shaya, Judd/Brenna and Riley/Mercy. I cannot wait for Drew and Indigo’s book as well as Hawke and Sienna.

  111. Crystal B

    I can’t wait for Hawke and Sienna’s book. They have such passion between them!
    I am not worried about the age difference. I think Nate is some where around 10 years older than Tammy, and they got together when she was 19 or 20.
    My boyfriend is 9 years older than me and we got together when I was 22.
    Hawke has already expressed his reluctance to be with her because of her age, it will be up to Sienna to prove to him that she is not a child.
    Although, from one or two scenes from her previous books, he doesn’t really see her as a child anymore, and that probably bothers him because she is so much younger than he is.

    I can’t wait for PoP, for Hawke and Sienna’s scenes and for Drew and Indigo’s story!

  112. CK

    My favorite reads have been Judd/Brenna followed by Mercy/Riley but my favorite couple has always been Sienna/Hawke. I would love to see more of the Arrows. For some reason the medic that saves Dorian’s life really sparked an interest for me. I can’t wait to see where Nalini goes with this universe.

  113. Jordan

    My favorite couple is definitely Judd and Brenna; I just love how they struggle together through their obstacles in becoming mates. As to who I’m looking forward to most in this series, I think that Hawke, with the tragic past to be overcome, will have an engrossing story well worth the nine-book wait.

  114. jodie

    lucas and sascha have been my favorites since i read the first book, and they got me hooked on nalini singh! i love that they still have such a big presence in the rest of the series.

    i can’t wait for hawke’s book and i hope this alpha has just as much of a connection and bond to his mate as the dark river alpha does!!

  115. Myranda

    This is a hard question because I love this series so much! I think I have to go with Lucas and Sascha from Slave to Sensation. That book is such a great start to the series. I can’t wait to read Play of Passion!

  116. Tatiana

    I love Sacha and Lucas. I would love to see more of some individual Psy, though, particularly Kaleb Krychek and the Arrows.

  117. Jill B

    For me , favorite couple is a tie between Sasha and Lucas/ Mercy and Riley. I really have enjoyed all of the books and I am very much looking forward to Hawke’s story, as well as the chance to drool over his cover:)

  118. Jen D.

    Oooh, I’m excited about the contest! I’m a huge fan of Nalini’s books– both the Psy-Changeling and the Archangel series– and I am counting down to getting my hands on Play of Passion. My favorite couple in this series so far… hmm… gotta go with Lucus and Sascha, probably, though each book–and couple– sort of gets to me. Like so many, I’m looking forward to Hawke’s book too. =P

  119. Stephenie

    Nalini Singh is my absolute favorite author, but Marjorie Liu is right up there too. Favorite couple? So hard to decide, what a gift that is. A series that hasn’t let me down yet. I guess Faith and Vaughn are tied with Dev and Katya. I can’t wait for PoP!

  120. Daisy

    Does anyone realize that sienna is like 20 and Hawke is like 35 going on 40 and if they get together it’s like they have been close since she was 15- and that is illigal-right now at least, can’t speak for 2080 law

  121. admin (Post author)

    I don’t think the age gap is as big as we think. I think he might be around 30. Riley isn’t that old and he is the same age as Hawke. I think that whatever happened happened when they were teen-agers and it aged them much faster. Remember Riley, Drew and Brenna were orphaned when it happened and they were young.


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