RomCon Tuesday

Well, Heather talked last week about RomCon so I guess it is my turn today.

I clearly remember her calling me all excited about signing up to judge a book contest and I had to find out what this was for and get involved. That is when we learned about RomCon. Within days we were planning on attending. Than we had this brilliant idea; let’s try to read something from all the authors coming. Have to admit did not make it through the whole list but I fell in love with some authors I had never heard of before. My biggest fangirl moment was meeting Anna Campbell who is the nicest lady ever, just so happened I not only ran into her in the hall at midnight but we were able to go in the back and help her organize her giveaways. That is when we also determined there would be no sleep for us for the next few days.  That same night is when we started creating our business cards in the hotel computer room at 2 in the morning, they were great if I do say so myself. There were so many other wonderful moments and so many memories made. Decision was made we will be there every year!

Challenge did not go as well this year either but it has still been tons of fun – tip for next year, start reading in August as soon as we leave to come home. Now that the first year is done ,with the stress of getting to everything and seeing everything, this year is just for fun and getting to know people. FYI, it might come as a surprise to some, but I am a little shy and I know there are more of you out there so let’s get out of our comfort zone and have a good time! See you all in a couple weeks!



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