Rule Breaker By Lora Leigh


Title: Rule Breaker

Series: Breed Bk 29

Author: Lora Leigh

Genre: Paranormal

Lion Breed, Rule Breaker had just a few rules he didn’t break. Not for anything. Not for anyone.

#1. Never have sex with a woman outside his own subspecies, especially a human woman.

#2. Never, at any time, accept a mission concerning a female when Jonas Wyatt stinks of a lie.

#3. Run don’t walk, skip or stumble. Run, hell for leather away from any female, human or breed, when his desire for her appears, in any way, to have so much as a single sign of Mating Heat.

Now, the woman believes he’s mated, is too helpless, to fun loving and too full of life to ever be able to protect herself, let alone aide him in protecting her.

If the damned animal inside him insisted on a mate, then why pick the woman it did? One that could be struck out at, at any time?

But, what he suspected was a mating, may not be. No swollen glands? No heat? Just his animal instincts rioting, pacing, irritated whenever he’s away from her.

Okay, he could handle that.

What ensues is a fiery affair that breaks all the rules of mating heat and will eventually endanger his mate with the very rules designed to protect the breeds when Jonas learns she’s possibly been working against them.

Gypsy McQuade, was introduced to the Breeds one fateful night that changed the outcome of her future. Since then she’s been partying it up, or so it seems to everyone on the outside. I love Gypsy she’s both strong and very vulnerable and a whole lot of sassy. Past events have broken her but she just keeps going no matter what is thrown her way. She’s not ready to settle down and especially not with a Breed, and definitely not with one as annoying as Rule Breaker.

Rule Breaker doesn’t want a mate, not after watching his mother die in the horrific way she did. He’s afraid of having a mate, but the animal has other plans. Strong and arrogant and Rule has a huge soft spot for Gypsy about a mile wide. I loved watching him fight his attraction and fall for Gypsy.

I definitely don’t think this story could be read as a standalone, there were a lot of plot lines that have continued on from past books. I enjoyed the book, but I’ve read all twenty nine of the books so I knew the storyline and all the important characters. This is a sexy and entertaining storyline and I do recommend it to fans of the Breeds series, and recommend that fans of Paranormal romance check out the whole series. I love Lora she has and will always have a place on my keeper shelf

Grade A


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