SEALed with a Kiss by Mary Margaret Daughtridge

He can handle just about anything, except this…
Jax Graham is a member of an elite military team, but when it comes to taking care of his four-year-old son after his ex-wife dies, he’s completely clueless.

One person can help him, if he’ll let her…
Family therapist Pickett Sessoms knows just how to help a rough, tough Navy SEAL deal with a scared and lonely little boy, but not if he insists on going it alone.

When Jax and his young son Tyler get trapped by a hurricane, Pickett takes them in against her better judgment. Jax figures Pickett’s high maintenance, just like all the women he knows, and she figures he’s not commitment material. But when an outing turns deadly, Pickett discovers what it means to be a SEAL, and Jax discovers that even a hero needs help sometimes…

REVIEW: I think that I have been on a role lately in picking up books. This is another one that just touches your heart. SEAL’s are the ultimate male, and the only thing that love and protect above all others is their family, at least those that I have known.

I have to say that I fell just a little bit in love with Jax, this man that has a lot of love in him, and he has no clue how to express it. A man that loves his son, and wants the little boy that he remembers back, only he is at a complete loss on how to accomplish that. One of my favorite parts of this book is when he asks Pickett for help and she gives him a huge 500 page book on child development, that he reads, and then re-reads.

Pickett is that has no clue how to deal with real emotions, and once you meet her family you understand her completely. The one thing that she does know is that she has to help Jax and his little boy Tyler. The thing that she hadn’t counted on was the feeling of completeness that she has when she is with them.

I have to include Tyler because he is an intregal part of the story. The first time that you meet him, you just want to wrap your arms around him, and assure him that everything is going to be all right. He is completely at the whim of the adults around him, and has no say until begins to let his dad Jax back in.

I loved how Mary brought this heartwarming story to be. She brought real emotions and feelings, along with real life into the story. You felt Jax’s anxiety about what the right thing to do for Tyler was, considering his career. Pickett a woman afraid to let anyone in because of her fears, fears that she has had her entire life because of the actions of others around her.

This is one that as soon as I read it, I wanted to re-read again. In fact I think I might.

This was read as part of the Winter 08 Reading Challenge: Read an author that has 3 names.

I give this one a 5 out of 5.


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