Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force

He’s a football star, and he’ll do anything to win back his soon-to-be-ex wife. But her new fiancé will do anything to stop him …

Rough and sexy Ryan Sanderson, Denver Mavericks quarterback, has just 10 days to convince Susannah to give him a second chance before their divorce is final. Too bad she’s already engaged to the boring but safe guy she dated in high school before she met Ryan.

Marriage to Ryan was a whirlwind of passion and energy that left her feeling exhausted. Tired of playing second fiddle to his team, wary of the women throwing themselves at her superstar husband, afraid of the hard hits he took on the field, Susannah decided that sometimes the thing you want the most is bad for you.

Until Ryan comes back, determined to win her back, and willing to give up everything except her love …

REVIEW: I picked this book up on the recommendation of the ladies over at BookBinge. I have to say that I loved this book. There wasn’t much about this book that I didn’t like.

I really enjoyed the story of Ryan and Susannah and how they worked to get past the problems in their marriage and to find the love that they have for each other. I loved Ryan, and his absolute confidence that he and Susannah could overcome the problems in their marriage. There is just something about a man willing to do anything to keep his family.

I felt for Susannah, in that she loved Ryan, but didn’t know if she could live the life anymore. With her family always being critical of Ryan, and then the thing that caused them to split up, (can’t say what it is without giving away a huge part of the book)

I think one of the reasons that I loved this book is because sometimes we just want to throw in the towel and call it quits, for whatever reason, but ultimately that is the wrong decision because that will only make us miserable. This was one of the really rare romance books, that I think deals with the real life, and where the reader can truly connect with both people in the story.

I very rarely give out ratings this high, but I feel like I must in this case.

I give it 5 out 5.



  1. RandiLyn

    Great review!! Moving it up my TBR pile.

  2. Kristie (J)

    Now that we are into the countdown to the Superbowl, I should get this one out and read it!!

  3. Cindy W

    Kristie SO TRUE. This will be read after Wicked Burn. I’m reading Broken Wing by Judith James right now and it’s a MUST READ!!!

  4. Heather's Books

    Kristie, this is the perfect book for the Superbowl Countdown


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