Sexiest Vampire Alice by Kerrelyn Sparks

Title: The Sexiest Vampire Alive

Series: Love at Stake bk 11

Author: Kerrelyn Sparks

Genre: Paranormal

He was both a playboy and a vampire…and impossible to resist.

At the end of Vampire Mine, a terrible thing happened—a video was released that proved the existence of vampires. Now Vamps fear the worst, the Vampire Apocalypse! Will mortals start hunting vampires down and staking them in their death-sleep? At an emergency meeting, Coven Masters from around the world decide how to proceed. They need an emissary to open negotiations with the President of the United States. They want their emissary to be modern, safe, and harmless. A Vamp who has never bitten a mortal. A Vamp who has been entirely bottle-fed. Their choice—Gregori!

Now Gregori has the fate of the entire Vamp population on his shoulders. He’s given a special assignment that involves taking the president’s daughter on a dangerous mission. Will he succeed and save his friends? Or will he succumb to his playboy ways and doom them all?

This is one of those series that I devour as soon as there is a new book out. So when I go the email about this book I immediately said yes and then proceeded to read it in about 3 hours.

Gregori has always been one of my favorite characters, and this is his time to finally shine. You see Gregori has all these feelings of self-doubt and that hasn’t done anything to contribute to the war against the malcontents. It doesn’t matter that he is the head of marketing for Romantech. So when he is asked to be part of the team that goes to the President to tell them that yes Vampires are real he sees this as his opportunity to finally be an asset. He never expected however to have this instant connection with the one person he needs to stay away from.

Abigail is the President’s unknown daughter, not that she is really an unknown daughter she just prefers to stay in the background and concentrate on her science, or rather on finally finding a cure what is slowly killing her mother. So when her dad the president strikes an agreement with the vampires, if they take her deep into China to find a plant that may have the properties that she needs to find a cure for mom, she is all over that like white on rice. Never mind the fact that Gregori is handsome as sin and causes her to feel things that she would really rather not.

I have to say that I didn’t think that anything could make me change my favorite storyline and h/h in this series. I mean I have loved Ian from the very first book, and what he went through so that he could finally have what everyone around was having was amazing and he had the perfect heroine in Toni. That is until I read this book.

The conflict between these two is so heartfelt. Then there is the thing that Gregori does that he knows will make her hate him for the rest of her life but what he has no choice in doing. Their’s isn’t an easy road to love, not because they don’t love each other, but because of who they are and the fact that their chooses affect not only them but so many other people.

There is also a small secondary story regarding Sean Whalen and I have to say that it is about time. I can hardly wait to see where she goes with this one.

If you are a fan of this series then you won’t want to miss the this book.

Grade A-/B+

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  1. Diane

    Great series, I just started reading this book!

  2. Janon

    Good review! I just love the cover of this book

  3. aurian

    I’ve only read one or two books in this series, but there are more catching dust on my shelves. TIme to pick them up again, as this sounds like fun.


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