The Soldier
by Grace Burrowes





Devlin St. Just has tried everything to escape his demons. But his responsibilities are multiplying and his despair deepening, until beautiful, enigmatic neighbor Emmaline Farnum steps in…


Devlin’s torn spirit calls to Emmaline, but even as she gives in to his irresistible caresses and her own growing desires, she’s keeping a devastating secret…

Protecting Emmaline becomes Devlin’s urgent mission, if only he can overcome the forces that are driving them irretrievably apart…




We are quickly introduced, when the book starts, to the most important and loveable person this story has: “Winnie”.  Her attitude and antics are what kept me reading this one.  Don’t get me wrong the book was ok but not a real standout have to run and get more type of historical, just sort of I am reading because there is not much else to do sort of book.  It does have a nice love story between Devlin and Emmaline but it takes the whole book to get any sort of satisfaction, up until than I wanted to hit them upside the head and say get a clue.  I appreciated the subject of PTSD being in the story; however, that seemed to be the whole story, I would have liked the characters to have developed a bit more.  The whole book was struggle, struggle, struggle, and than quickly in the end results, felt a little rushed.


As you can probably tell I am not a huge fan, but like all books there is something out there for everyone and what one person does not like there are plenty of people who do.


Grade C





  1. Sue K

    After reading The Heir (and loveing it) I must admit I was a bit disappointed in The Soldier. I finally enjoyed it, but it took me a while to get through the book. I really liked Winnie and was kind of surprised to find outh about her mother. Grace Burrowes is a wonderful author and I hope to read more of her books.

  2. Aurian

    I haven’t read anything by this author yet, and this review certainly won’t change that. Ah well, not like there a hundreds more books waiting on my shelves 😉


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