Sunday Snippet: Nauti Temptress by Lora Leigh

Helen turned me on to this series and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed each of the books, some more than others. So when she told me there was new book coming out I put it on my TBR pile and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival on my doorstep. It arrived last week so I’m sharing a fun excerpt with you guys. 

She’d heard the cabin hidden in the wide canyon above the lake was a luxurious retreat often used by government officials, senators, governors, and mega-rich hunters with the right political ties.

From the back of the truck Brogan pulled two overnight bags free. Eve’s brows lifted in disbelief as she recognized her own bag.

“You packed my clothes?” Propping her hands on her hips, she stared at him incredulously. “Before or after you stole the truck?”

“Let’s just say I had help.” He growled.

“You had no right to go through my things, Brogan,” she informed him, furious that he’d taken such liberties. It was one thing to practically kidnap her, but packing her clothes? Going through her drawers? That was uncalled-for.

“You weren’t there,” he stated, as though that made it just fine.

“So? That doesn’t give you the right to paw through my clothes.” Or anything else she kept in her drawers.

“Don’t worry; sweetie; your little toys didn’t offend me in the least,” he promised good-naturedly as he stepped up on the porch, set the bags on the wide bench beside the door, and pulled the key card from his shirt pocket before swiping it through the reader.

“I can’t believe you,” she bit out furiously as she followed him into the cabin. “Brogan, what gives you the right to do any of this? First you barge in on my date–”

He turned on her so fast she stepped back, startled that he was facing her so quickly, no more that inches from where less than a second before he had been a good three feet away.

“Eve, sweetheart, don’t make me tell you again not to call that farce of a dinner you were having with ath jackass a date,” he ordered fiercely rather than furiously. “My patience is wearing thin with the people who seem to be standing between us. I can deal with your brother, your sisters, your cousins. Hell, I can even deal with your mother if she decides to protest. But if you dare to put a date between us, this I might not hold onto my patience much longer.”

Her arms lifted, her hands propping on her hips as she lifted her chin defiantly. “Are you threatening me, Brogan Campbell?”

“No, Eve, I’m not threatening you.” He was closer, his head lowering, his gaze holding hers as the blue-grey appeared more steel gray now than the light blue is sometimes seemed. “I’m telling you: My dick is harder than titanium, my control is all but shot, and I’m so damn hungry for you I’m about to lose my fucking mind. So please, for both our sakes, don’t refer to that man as your date again.”

The first in an all new spinoff series of the New York Times bestselling Nauti Boys series, now featuring the Nauti Girls.

The Mackay cousins—Natches, Rowdy, and Dawg—would do anything for family, so when former DHS agent Timothy Cranston drops off four sisters that Dawg never knew he had, there is no question: The cousins will protect and care for the girls, and their mother, because they’re family.

Five years later, Eve Mackay, the eldest sister, has graduated from college and settled in to life as a Mackay in Pulaski County, Kentucky. She works hard as a cocktail waitress and helps out at the bed-and-breakfast that Dawg bought for her mother. If she keeps herself busy enough, maybe she’ll be able to stay away from the man she promised Dawg she wouldn’t date, the man who has awakened her most ravenous fantasies…

He’s Brogan Campbell, a biker rumored to be a traitor and a thief. But he’s just playing a part; he came to Kentucky for a DHS mission that no one, except Cranston, is supposed to know about. Eve is the key to the whole operation, and his orders are to get her participation. But his need for Eve has nothing to do with stolen secrets and the safety of the country…

When Dawg took in Eve and her sisters, he warned them that if they ever lied, cheated, or betrayed the family, they risked losing everything. But desire and danger are locked in an inescapable embrace, and Eve has to make her choice between family or Brogan, for better or worse…


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