Taken by Desire

Taken by Desire

By Lavinia Kent

Release date 11/30/10

Can a single kiss change a life?

Strong and Independent, Anna Steele has dreamed of him in secret.

Fierce, yet world-weary, Alexander Struthers has always desired her.

Neither has ever considered marriage an option.

But when a single kiss has unforeseen consequences, and wedding bells follow, they’ll both learn the power of passion.

Desire can change everything.

Anna’s life dramatically changes when she inherits a fortune from her Uncle.  It has become her mission now to right the wrongs her family has done in the past.  She is able to be independent in a time when it was not looked well upon and she is also able to go about not caring what the “ton” says.  When she sees a potential situation involving Alexander she jumps in not caring about the consequences.

Alexander is a very private person who avoids as much as possible, that is until Anna jumps back into his life.  He tries to make the best of what could be a bad outcome only to be thwarted at every turn by Anna.

Between the two of them they have more secrets than most of the gossips could ever dream of handling, and a rather steamy way of finally sharing those secrets with each other.

I do have to say though that I have never read a book where two characters could avoid important conversation as much as these two

I did enjoy this story and would definitely be reading the first two books about Anna’s friends “A Talent for Sin” & “Bound by Temptation”.
Grade B

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  1. Aurian

    I haven’t read this author before, but it sounds like an original. Nice review!


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