The Dark Knight by Elizabeth Elliott


Title: The Dark Knight

Series: stand alone

Author: Elizabeth E

Genre: Historical


At long last, Elizabeth Elliott—the bestselling author of The Warlord and Scoundrel—returns with a medieval romance that will take readers’ breath away.
Thief, assassin, and master of disguise, Dante Chiavari is the most feared mercenary of England’s King Edward. On one last assignment, Dante must play the part of a chivalrous knight to steal Avalene de Forshay from her family and thwart the ruthless Faulke Segrave, who would wed Avalene and use her to spark war between Wales and the crown. Upon seeing the beautiful and innocent young maiden, however, the mercenary suddenly finds himself at the mercy of his own intense desire.
When Avalene meets the handsome knight she knows only as Sir Percival, he sweeps her off her feet even as he spirits her away from Coleway Castle. Their escape is wrought with risks and perils, but Avalene will find that the greatest danger lies in losing her heart. And after the truth is revealed, Avalene fears that she may never again be able to trust the dark knight who has come to mean more to her than life itself.

In 1293, King Edward assigns assassin Dante Chiavari to prevent a marriage between Avalene de Forshay and Faulke Segrave by any means necessary even murder. Avalene’s aunt and other members of her foster all but demand she wed Faulke who plans to use the last welsh royal as a pawn in order to ignite the rebellion against the crown.

Dante arrived at Coleway Castle calming to be Sir Percival’s loyal knight pledge to Avalene’s late father; His is attracted to her instantly but also knows he’s unworthy of this woman he considerer’s her heavens missing angle. He is shocked when she begs him out of his “allegiance” to her sire and to kidnap her as she rejects her aunt’s manipulations to pawn her off on the bile Faulk. Dante agrees, But Faulk counters his measures at the same time Avalene learns the truth about her hero.

This is an intriguing and engaging medieval romance starting with Edward’s strict order to void the nuptials any way Dante can. Filled with tons of action, the truth sets no one free as Avalene now has one less person to trust as the assassin reconsiders his liege’s instructions as marriage to almost anyone that’s not Faulke is acceptable, By Edward so why couldn’t it be Dante? Though he knows he has to keep her free of her aunt’s clutches and overcomer her hate for him. You will enjoy this wonderful book.

Grade A


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