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The First Love Cookie Club
Twilight Texas series
By Lori Wilde
release date  October 26, 2010

“On Christmas Eve, if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny.”

The townsfolk of Twilight, Texas, believe the legend, but not Sarah Collier—not since she was a pudgy teenager, running down the church aisle on Christmas Day in a jingle bell sweater and reindeer antlers, trying to stop Travis Walker from marrying someone else. She may be grown up, slimmed down, bestselling children’s book author “Sadie Cool” now, but Sarah will never forget that day. And she’ll never fall foolishly in love again!

But when a letter from a sick fan brings Sarah back to Twilight, she’s shocked to discover that Travis is the little girl’s father—unattached and hotter than ever. His movie-star smile still makes her melt, but Sarah knows that ship has sailed. Travis, however, might have different ideas.

And just because you don’t believe in fairy tales doesn’t mean they won’t come true…

When the dedication of a book can bring you to tears you know that the book itself will be awesome!  Lori has a way with words and can describe everything perfectly, it is so nice to read about people who go through struggles that you can understand yourself.

The relationship between Sarah and her Gramma Mia was so touching and at this point in my life, having just lost my Granny, it rekindled lots of emotions and memories.   And I fell in love with Jazzy, the pure innocence and joy that she found in life was awe inspiring even through all of her struggles she could be happy and make others around her better, I wish we all could find a part of that in ourselves.

Christmas was the perfect time of year for this book to take place, not just because it is my favorite holiday, but because of the magic that is everywhere at Christmastime, the perfect setting for Sarah, Travis and Jazzy to have some Christmas miracles.

I hope you all take the time to visit Twilight Texas!  Since I enjoyed it so much I have decided to send a copy to one lucky commenter.

What is you favorite Christmas memory?

Grade A



  1. Karen

    Sounds just as good as the others in this series. You’re so right about Lori’s descriptive words. She makes you feel like you’re right there with the characters in the book! I love the town of Twilight and the residents. Can’t wait to read this new installment!

  2. CrystalGB

    Lori’s book sounds good. I love the cover. My favorite Christmas memory was my fifth Christmas and I received a shiny blue pedal car. I was so excited I screamed.

  3. Johanna Jochum

    My favorite Christmas memory is baking cookies with my mom when I was little. It’s usually cold outside so were in a warm house all day. Christmas music is on the radio and the smell from baking cookies is so yummy. I have eaten more batter and sampled more cookies than I really should of! I really miss those days!
    This book sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Heather-admin

    I have a couple of them, but the two that I have tried to pass down to my kids is all Christmas baking my mom and grandma’s did, cookies, fudge, rice krispies, peanut brittle. The other one is when we all lived in the same small town we would go over to Grandparents house and before the end of the night Santa would show up. We all new it wasn’t grandpa because he was sitting with us as well as all the uncles.

  5. Karen

    I got so excited about the review and the new book that I failed to read the contest part correctly. So here goes the correct response!

    Always the baking with My Grandma and Mother. Grandma made stollen – a German sweet bread stuffed with brown sugar and nuts. So good! So sad that that tradition has passed away with my Granny as no one else ever learned how to make it like she did.

  6. Jane

    One of the best Christmases was the first time our parents let me and brother stay up late so that we could open our presents at midnight instead of Christmas morning. No need to enter me for this book. I’ve pre-ordered it.

  7. Lori Wilde

    I think my favorite Christmas ever just might have been last year. It snowed on Christmas Day here in North Texas for the first time in 80 years. It was almost a foot of snow which is miraculous for us. The fun thing was that I was writing The First Love Cookie Club at the time.


  8. Rita

    I am stocking up on The First Love Cookie Club for book club gifts.
    Yea! Lori another winner

  9. Lois M.

    Hi and can’t wait for the book to come out! 🙂 My Christmas memory — well, I’m not sure if it actually is a Christmas one or birthday, because my bday is two days before Christmas, so over the years it’s gotten jumbled together, but it was this one time opening presents, all from Mom. The first box I opened was a pair of sapphire earrings. So far, pretty nice. There might have been something in between, but I’m not sure. Anyway, last box. Just a little something Mom picked up while she was at the store. . . I open it, and there is Ernie’s rubber duckie!!! 🙂 I got up and hugged her for that! 🙂 See, I always loved Ernie from Sesame Street, and oh, to have his rubber duckie (that does NOT make noise, but well, one can’t have everything LOL). . . and that started my duckie collection. And now she jokes that she could have saved the money on the earring and just gotten my the 5 buck duck. Oh, and did I mention this was a couple years after I started college? So, maybe 10ish years ago this occured. . . and now in my 30s, back in college after a few year absence, and still getting ducks (and don’t mind, one bit). 🙂


  10. Debi Little

    I have always loved having Christmas with the whole family. We don’t get to do that much anymore since we are spread out. It cracks me up think that I love having everyone together eventhough we bicker the whole time.


  11. Theresa Seyferth

    I love your books so much, I have just about all of them. I don’t have the new ones yet, soon I hope.

  12. Brenda

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is one I have with my children. They were ages 10, 8 and 4 1/2. We were at a school function and my oldest, Kenny, said something about Santa coming and one of his friends commented that there wasn’t a Santa Claus. Kenny just looked at him and said, “My mom doesn’t make enough money to buy us everything that we get on Christmas Day, can your mom?” The young man just stood there looking at Kenny and said, “Nope” and Kenny replied, “Then I guess your wrong, there is a Santa Claus!” Kenny is 23 years old now and he still remembers telling his friend that there really is a Santa!!!!!

    Can’t wait to read Lori’s book! I haven’t had a chance to get to Barnes and Noble to buy any books in 2 months!!!!!!!!

  13. Anne

    The more I read about this book the excited I am to read it.

    My favorite Christmas memory is more of a Christmas tradition we followed every year. We never put the tree up until Christmas Eve. I believe this was for two reasons, one we usually had a ‘live’ tree. Not a cut tree, but with the roots and all, so we had to wait as close to Christmas as we could so it would last. And the second was that my mom didn’t like the idea of gifts getting put under the tree too soon. I guess she thought my brother and I would try to open them early. That’s still a mystery.

    Nevertheless, the tree went up Christmas Eve afternoon and we usually had fondue and a nice fire in the fireplace and the whole family trimmed the tree together. Remembering why each ornament was special. Later we attended Midnight Mass and then home and tucked in our beds.

    Christmas morning, we had to have the same breakfast every year and wait until that was finished…then …once dad had his camera ready, we were allowed to open presents.

    And our tree was up longer than the neighbors – didn’t come down until January 6th – I think. The 12 days of Christmas.

    It wasn’t necessarily what the traditions were as much as the fact that we did them every year. There is a certain amount of comfort in that.

  14. Larena Wirum

    I think my favorite christmas memory is the one of my guy and me on our first christmas celebrated together. 🙂 That one is my absolute favorite.

    I so can’t wait for this one to come out.

  15. Nichole

    Just a few days away. I cannot wait to read this. It sounds great.

    I honestly cannot say I have a favorite christmas for a specific reason…I just love being together with my whole family during the time.

  16. Julie H.

    I’m so looking forward to this book. It sounds absolutely wonderful.

    My favorite Christmas memory was last year when my mom came home from the hospital after having surgery for cancer. The diagnosis came out of nowhere (found accidentally — thank God — during a test for something else entirely). It was a whirlwind of tests, more tests, and surgery, and when she came home with a fabulous diagnosis and was on the mend during the holidays… it was one of my best Christmas’ ever.

  17. Bobbye Terry

    My favorite Christmas memory is being at my aunt’s house and my dad was writing his thesis while Mama tried to take care of my uncle and his two kids, my cousins. I was five and my cousin Pam was my “bud.” We had our picture taken under the tree praying. For God or Santa to come overnight? Not sure which. 🙂 I was a serious little girl so probably the first, but we were excited. My cuz was a bit manipulative, so in the middle of the night, she opened hers and my presents and rewrapped them with my new pjs and slippers in hers because she liked mine better. The funny thing was she was taller than I was. 🙂 Strange too, because I grew to be five inches taller than she.

    Anyway, I love Christmas and I also have a book coming out where the matchmaker is Santa on his offseason, and it ends on Christmas Day plus a scene just a little later. Can’t give anything away. 🙂

    Way to go Lori! I’m waiting on my copy, already ordered.

    Bobbye aka Daryn

  18. Edna

    My favorite Christmas memory was my earliest one. I remember going to bed knowing there weren’t many presents under the tree. I set up cookies and milk with my grandpa as well. When I woke up there were presents and stockings hung up. The treat for Santa was gone. I gushed to my grandpa and the rest of my family about how Santa really must have visited. It felt so magical to me. 🙂

  19. MaryLou Cartwright

    I have fallen in love with the town of Twilight and all of its residents. I can’t wait to get my copy of this newest addition! My favorite Christmas memories were back in the days when all of our family got together and had meals together. That never happens anymore as everyone has either passed away or moved out of state. I miss those days!

    My book is pre-ordered and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Hope you and yours have a happy and blessed Christmas Lori.


  20. cheryl c.

    Don’t enter my name in this giveaway because I have pre-ordered this book. I am looking forward to reading it because this has been a great series by Lori, AND I thoroughly enjoy Christmas stories. Don’t you just love this cover?

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. It means “family” to me. I have so many fond memories of family Christmases with my mother who is now gone. There are a lot of fond memories, too, with my own kids who are now grown.

  21. Maureen

    My favorite memory wasn’t funny at the time but we laugh about it now. My brother and I woke up early Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought but all we found was our parents asleep on the floor next to the tree surrounded by wrapping paper and tape. The book sounds great. I can’t wait to read it.

  22. melanie - admin

    What a nice surprise to come home to all these wonderful Christmas memories after a stressful day at work. Thanks everyone for cheering up my evening. And thanks Lori for stopping by and sharing your snowy Christmas memory which resulted in this fabulous book.
    Now to share one of my favorite Christmas memories, it is actually a tradition now that everyone in the family does. When my parents first got married they did not receive too many cards their first Christmas so they saved them and hung them up the next year, and so the tradition began. Every year (almost 40 years now) my brothers get the privilege of hanging every Christmas card ever given to our family, they are put on red ribbons and hung up by years. If a letter or pictures are sent we put that in the card also. It is a sight to behold (I will have to post some pictures on here in Dec) we basically have our entire house covered in cards with memories of almost every single one.

  23. Anne

    Sounds like another great book from Lori! Can’t wait til it comes out so I can curl up with it next to the fireplace. My favorite Christmas memory? The one I’m going to create this year!

  24. Caffey

    Love love this cover and blurb!!!

    I think my daughter was about 5 years old and we were exhausted and we told her not to wake us up early (I mean she’d wake us up at 4 and ask if its morning yet!) So that Christmas, we woke up and said, wow, she didn’t wake us yet. We head to the living room and there was wrapping paper from one end of the room to the other! She said that Santa came and he probably would say its ok. LOL. She said she didn’t want to wake us up early, LOL. We have pictures still and now she’s an adult and we tell her she hasn’t changed a bit, LOL. We laughed so hard and still do!

    cathiecaffey @

  25. carol kinaman

    when i was 8, we had all the family there we had dinner open gifts had a great time. that was the last christmas i spent with my mom she died 4 months later. but i can still remeber how much fun she had watching us kids open up are gifts.

  26. RobynL

    The first Christmas I was married we strung popcorn and cranberries for a garland for the tree. That started my Christmas crafts that I did for many years.

  27. Lori Wilde

    I love all the memories you guys are sharing. This is so much fun.


  28. Nancy

    I love the cover and can’t wait to receive this book. One of my favorite memories was a tradition (even when my sister and I got older) was my mom’s parents always came over early and woke us all up for “Santa.” Now I’m trying to make special traditions and memories with my grandchildren.

  29. Lena Lee

    My favorite memory is all of us around the tree on Christmas morning. Didn’t matter which family, just that sense of all of us being together in one place together and it just got locked in. Love Lori’s books.

  30. Diane

    My favorite Christmas memory is running around with my stocking jingling it’s bells and singing Jingle Bells as loudly as I could!

  31. Christina G

    I haven’t read this author before, but I love stories set around the holidays so I am adding this to my list of books to find! I love finding new authors to read.

    I think one of my favorites is picking out the tree. It is always a big production in our family, and having since there was three of us growing up, it also meant it took time to find one all 3 of use liked. Then spending the evening decorating it, pulling out all the crazy homemade ornaments and laughing at ourselves.

  32. Stacy S

    I don’t really have a favorite one. Just spending time with my family and friends is the best.

  33. Pat Cochran

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is my grandchildren, gathered around the dining table with
    a birthday cake and lighted candle, singing “Happy Birthday” to Baby Jesus! This is now a tradition
    in our family.

    Pat Cochran

  34. Yvonne

    What’s not to love about Lori! Love all your books. Thanks for keeping us entertained .

  35. Linda B


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  38. Lisa Hutson

    Sounds like a tear jerker! 🙂


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