The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron
Highland Pleasures book 3
by Jennifer Ashley
Lord Cameron Mackenzie is intrigued when he finds the pretty widow, Ainsley Douglas, hiding in the window seat of his bedchamber. Cam remembers Ainsley Douglas all right—six years ago, he’d caught her in this very bedchamber, during a house party in the Mackenzies’ Scottish manor. Enchanted by her ingenuous excuses, he decided to seduce her, but stopped shy when she’d made a rather touching appeal about her “good husband who didn’t deserve to be heartbroken.” Later, Cameron learned that her visit to his bedchamber was part of some female intrigue against him, the kind his late wife used to practice. Ainsley protested her innocence, but Cameron’s anger made him never want to see her again. Now she’s back, at another houseparty—and Cameron finds the gray-eyed minx in his bedchamber, again. Her excuses are just as ingenuous, but this time Cameron is determined to teach her a lesson.  
They have unfinished business, Cameron tells her. He asks her how many of her many buttons she’ll let him unclasp, promising that before the houseparty is over, she’ll be asking him to undo them all. 

Ainsley’s dismay is real. She’s on a mission to prevent embarrassment to Queen Victoria, and time is running out. Though the needs he’d stirred long ago during her unhappy marriage rise again, she knows it would be foolish to fall for love-them-and-leave-them Cameron Mackenzie. 


But he asks her a question that challenges her beliefs about love and happiness, and she finds herself risking all to be with the black sheep of the Mackenzie family.

I was so excited when we received this book, I have fallen in love with the Mackenzie’s.  The series begins with Ian and Beth in The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie; this was unlike all the other historicals that I had been reading touching on subjects that you don’t hear very much about in our romance books.  When Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage came out with Mac (Ian’s brother) and Isabella I had to get my hands on a copy, and was not disappointed.  Now book 3 and we get to know Cameron and Ainsley.  
Once again we are taken into the world of the Mackenzie’s and learn that it has not been a very pleasant place at times.  Cameron has sworn off marriage completely and when you hear about his first wife you can understand why, all I will say is abuse does not even cover it.  That is until Ainsley comes into the picture.  With a few ill timed run-ins, that just happen to be in Camerons room, a relationship is bound to happen; although at what cost is really the question.  

Both of them have trust issues and need to overcome decisions that they had made in their youth, but with the help of each other and a little honesty it can be done.  

One of the things I really like about these stories is the subjects that Jennifer Ashley incorporates them.  It is not everyday you can pick up a good book with a great storyline and a wonderful ending that also discusses abuse and mental illness.  She is not shy about it either, these characters are put through a lot and deserve their happy ending.  I also love the relationship that the brothers have with each other, even though they have their own issues they are a family and stick by each other no matter what.  

Great news: we get Harts book in April and another 2 more in the series after that.  

Grade A




  1. Sarah (The Brazen Bookworm)

    Yay, I’m so glad this book is good! I love this series, but Cameron has been my favorite since the first book and I’ve been waiting for his story for forever. And I’m so glad to know that Ashley is writing three more books in the series – excellent news! Great review.

  2. Mandi Schreiner

    Oooh! Two more?? I wonder if Cam’s son will get a book? So excited to hear this. I really enjoyed this one. (Although Ian holds my heart 😉

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