The Mistress House

The Mistress House
by Leigh Michaels
Released 02/11

Number Five, Upper Seymour Street is the perfect love nest.

Tucked away in a discreet corner of London, it’s an ideal site to conduct affairs…

Except this elegant townhouse has a way of making its residents fall in love instead.

Anne — the perfect mistress for the rakish Earl of Hawthorne;

Felicity — the perfect challenge for Richard, Lord Colford;

and Georgiana — the perfect nightmare for Major Julian Hampton…

the residents of Number Five, Upper Seymour Street.

I was not sure about this one, I had heard both good and bad things about the book, but decided I would read it and decide for myself. Honestly it was pretty good. It is actually three individual stories that take place in one house, but the characters are connected in each story.

The house across the way from Lord Hawthorne is on the market and he decides it would be a perfect location to install a mistress. Of course he did not expect to fall in love with the resident. It seems the house has that effect on anyone who moves in, whether they were looking for it or not, which we find out in the other two stories.

This was a nice simple historical that was easy to read and would be great if you have a few hours to just sit back and enjoy yourself.

Grade B



  1. Lisa Hutson

    I love books with multiple connected stories. But only well done and truly connected. I know it must be hard to do. Usually, writers styles are so huge and distinct, it can take away from the flow. But when writers can work together and still make their own stories, it can be really good to read! I will be looking for this one. I have not looked for it. Hope it isnt one of those that is only as an ebook. I am sick of that!

  2. melanie - admin

    Hey Lisa your in luck, it is in book form. Don’t look to much, in fact why don’t you just look in your mailbox, I will send you my copy. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Lisa Hutson

    Well, Melanie, I am being utterly spoiled!! How wonderful!! Thank you! I didnt go look for it right away and my sad 49 year old brain could not remember for sure the actual title or the authors name. So I came back for that info and see your message! What a nice surprise! Not only do I get to read it, I will find something else to buy instead! That is always an easy thing! Thanks again so much!!


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