The Party Plan by Melanie Jayne

ThePartyPlanTitle: The Party Plan

Author: Melanie Jayne

Genre: Romance

Blurb: Avery Grant has been through a rough patch, she gave up her career to move home to help take care of her ailing parents. She married a man that she did not love and he almost bankrupted her family’s farm. She divorced the con man and saved her farm. Now she is going to get what she wants and for over twenty years she has wanted Kade Martin.

Kade has been attracted to his sister’s best friend for twenty years. In the beginning Avery was too innocent, then she was married and he was busy working hard and playing harder.

The plan is simple, after tonight’s party for their godson’s engagement, Avery is going home with Kade. One night of sex with no strings, that’s the plan.

Thoughts: This is the debut book for Melanie Jayne and it was an enjoyable read. Though this was a very short read you still fell in love with the characters. You had Avery Grant who married a man she didn’t love and one who almost bankrupted her, she had to not only save her family’s farm but take care of her ailing parents. It was time for her to go after what she really want and that was Kade Martin. Kade was your typical alpha male who wasn’t ready to settle down but who has been attracted to Avery Grant for twenty years. Can these two find love after two decades? Can Avery finally get Kade to settle down? It’s great to see an older couple find love after facing so many hurdles. I would have liked to have seen more background of each character but as with most short stories it’s hard to put a lot of background into the story but there was enough to make the story work. I will definitely read what the author has coming next.

Grade: A


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