The Way You Bite by Zoe Forward

 Title: The Way You Bite

Series:  n/a

Author:  Zoe Forward

GenreParanormal, Romance

Blurb:  When King Werewolf shows up in veterinarian Vee Scarpa’s ER, she’s livid.

Her father, North American head honcho vampire, has threatened a chilling or else if she “accidentally” helped a wolf again, especially since they’re at war. But she’s tempted by the sexy wolf. And his deadly blood calls to her in a way that should set off warning bells…

A promise to his brother in arms obliges Lexan Dimitrov to rescue the aristocrat vampire before her family discovers her secret—a secret Vee herself isn’t even aware of. What he didn’t expect was to find her sexy-as-hell. He’s not into vamps, yet the inescapable heat building between them is a delicious temptation guaranteed to end in total disaster.

Favorite quote(s): “You taste so good.  I could die right here, right now, and know nothing else felt as good as you in my arms.”

Thoughts: I very much enjoyed The Way You Bite.  This is not the only book I have really by Zoe Forward, however it is the one I have enjoyed the most so far!  The author does a great job of making the book stick out for readers, with just enough balance of the traditional vampires and werewolves, yet also making them distinct and able to hold their own against other numerous books in this genre.

I loved both the world building and the characters in this one, and it sort of read like the first in a series to me.  I could see other characters possibly branching out into their own books, although I had not yet seen that it is connected to any other books or that there any plans for that in the future.  I hope the author does contemplate that in the future though, as I will kind of miss seeing some of others get their own happily-ever-afters! 

Loved it!

Rate:  A


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