WoW Sunday

As a mom of two boys that are entering the tween years, I have often asked when will they discover hygiene (someone said as soon as they discover girls no longer have cooties) and no longer have stinky boy order (apparently not till they leave my house as they play sports one kind mom told me), I knew that I had found the WoW for today when I say this…..
Boy, n.:  a noise with dirt on it.  ~Not Your Average Dictionary



  1. Lori

    My oldest discovered hygiene in 9th grade when he began playing football. But the twice daily showers began in 10th grade. I really don’t want to know why he was taking 2 30 minute showers a day. Ick. Now in 11th, we’re mostly down to 1 a day.

    Youngest still has no concept that he stinks. He’s 13 and in 8th grade. I still have to remind him every single day to take a shower and put on deodorant. I’m hopeful that he’ll get the shower bug next year, same as his brother did.

    Love the definition!

  2. Heather-admin

    Lori you give me hope. We start jr high next year.


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